Sunday, January 22, 2017

Another Visit to Douglas

This past Friday, I made another trip to Douglas for a funeral.   The last two times I have been down there it has been for a funeral--not a good reason to go, but because of the wonderful relationships I made during my five years down there, it was important for me to go.

This one was for a dear friend from high school, Angie Acedo Rivas.    We had reconnected during my time in Douglas and she was an incredible photographer.  She took pictures of the area around our cabin which I will always treasure.   Angie was one of the nicest and kindest humans I have ever known.   
The church was filled, which was a tribute to the kind of person she was.   I felt so badly for her three sons.   They lost their dad a few years ago and they are still young.     

Two of our former classmates spoke at the end of the service.  One asked to have all of the class of 1967 stand up.  It was so nice to see so many "old" friends.    Growing up in a small town is a unique experience at so many levels.

I went down on Friday and was able to go out with two of my dear friends, Carol and Lisa.  We went to the Gadsden and then to the Legion to meet some of my friends. 

At the Gadsden, I met the new owners.  It  is so great that someone bought this beautiful historic building that remains a huge part of the Douglas community.

After the services on Saturday, a reception was held at the Elks Club.  I was able to visit with more friends.

Every time I go back to Douglas, it continues to be a really good thing.  I met so many incredible people during my five years there.   Those relationships mean the world to me.

Saturday afternoon I drove to Tucson and spent the night with Elise and Jessie.   That is always the highlight of anything I do!!   I love my time with them always.  They are the best of friends to me.  We went to eat at Outback and talked and laughed.    I am not sure what I would do without them in my life!!

I am back home now and went to see Teresa.   She was glad to see me, but was a bit out of it.    I guess the good thing is she didn't realize I hadn't been there for two days.

Have our first business meeting as Board President on Tuesday.    We have a long agenda and it should be interesting.    

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