Monday, January 2, 2017

Welcoming 2017

I don't usually make New Year's resolutions as I find them kind of ridiculous!   However, this year I am going to set a goal of writing more on my blog.   I enjoy writing a lot, but there are times when I get "writer's block" and I don't seem to be able to come up with anything interesting.

For New Year's Day we had a family dinner with my family, Judy and Teresa. This is the second time that Teresa has been here since she went to the group home at the end of November.   Of course, the pugs (especially Diego and Lucy) were so glad to see her.   

I had worried that she would not want to go back, but she was fine with it.   She is always so sweet, but her mental decline continues.   I was trying to explain to Patrick as he was asking me about her long term memory.   It is hard to tell because it is very hard to have a conversation with her about anything anymore.  She nods her head and smiles a lot and sometimes will say things.  She still continues to try hard around the friends and family that she doesn't see every day.   It is a lot of work for her and I am glad she doesn't feel that she has to do this with us.

I try to get over to her house every day for a short time at least.   I have made it most days and will continue to make visiting her a priority.    Now that we know she can come over to the house, I will try to have a nice dinner some Sundays of the month.

My walking is important to me, but I have slacked off a lot in the last month. I have had trouble sleeping since I started taking care of Teresa as we were up a lot in the night and then I couldn't go back to sleep.    With her here, I had to be up with her when she would get up in the mornings and that was never consistent.

Since she has been gone, my sleep patterns haven't gotten any better.   I had gone to the doctor earlier and he told me that caregivers often get health problems because they don't take care of themselves.   He gave me some meds to help me sleep.    I couldn't figure out why I was feeling strange over the last few weeks and had no energy.   I thought it was just from lack of regular sleep and the stress of the care giving and then having her move out.   I have never felt like this before.   A friend told me that she had taken the same meds for a while and that they had a really bad effect on her.  So I looked up the meds and it kind of answered a lot of questions.  I quit taking them Thursday and I can't believe the difference.  I WILL NEVER take anything like this again.

So I guess my resolution if it can be called that because I was really doing well until the last month is to get my walking done each day.    I may not try to get 10,000 every day of the week, but will make sure I get a good walk in no matter what.

Yesterday it was cold and dreary but I went out and got a little over a mile in which I thought was good.   There is a farm close by and as I was walking down one street, there were a whole bunch of roosters and chickens out. This happens often but it is funny to see them in a subdivision just walking around.

A week from tomorrow is the first Governing Board Meeting of the New Year with a new board.   There are three new members of the board.   I am looking forward to this new endeavor.  I also know that it is going to be difficult at many levels for many reasons.   However, I will continue to look at the big picture and always do the best I can for our future generation!

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