Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Romy!!

Today, is Romy Scott's birthday. Romy is my Uncle Bill's daughter--my mom's youngest brother. Romy is the second youngest of seven children born to Bill and Rose Scott in San Francisco, California.

Romy is an amazing woman!!! She is a San Francisco Firefighter and has been one for several years. Romy is also mother to Angelica Rose Scott. Romy adopted Angie a few years ago after she came to live with her. Angie is technically Romy's niece, but I can tell you that she is really her daughter. Romy is a wonderful mother to Angie and to her fiance Joe's son, Gabriel.

Whenever there is a family event, you can always count on Romy being there. She is so much fun to be around and I always enjoy my visits with her. Romy is quite a bit younger than I am and it has been so great to see the incredible person she has become. Romy's mom, Rose, died when she was a young adult and her dad, Bill, died in 1993.

One of my favorite memories is several years ago when we had a "Girls Only" weekend in Truckee at our cousins' cabin. I think that it was about 10 years ago. Of course Romy was there. Romy's friend had a Harley Davidson motorcycle and he took my mom on a ride. She was probably about 81 when that happened!!!

Two summers ago when we had Teresa's 85th birthday party, Romy and her sisters had previous plans for the weekend of the party. So they all came the weekend before her big bash. We had such a great time that weekend and Teresa was so thrilled that they were here.

Romy is actually closer to my kids ages and they think the world of her. Whenever they go to San Francisco, they have a place to stay--and they try to go as often as they can.

Our family is truly blessed because of all of the wonderful cousins who were brought up by incredible parents. It is such a tribute to all of the Douglas Scotts that we continue to be such a great family, even after all of the original Douglas Scotts (except our Teresa) have passed from this world!

So thanks, Romy, for always being there through the years. I am glad you are my cousin!! Hope your birthday is wonderful!!!

I couldn't think of a song for your birthday, so I am putting on an Irish one in honor of your dad and your birthday being so close to St. Patrick's Day! And I found one about the Irish Navy.....

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Anonymous said...


I'm not very good about sitting at the computer when I'm home but I do check your blog regularly. Its so much fun to see what you write especially for the family birthdays. Bless you for taking the time to write such wonderful memories.
You are right about Romy she is pretty incredible. She takes such good care of Angelica and Gabriel and will still take time to help anyone else.

Happy Birthday Romy --Love your big sister Lena :)

Scott Family said...

We're sitting at Sheila's 60th birthday party at Judy's house(YaYa, Marion, Cecelia, Sheila, Teresa and Pat) reading the blog and laughing. Happy Birthday, Romy! We love you. What a great family we have!!!!

Kerri and Cameron said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROMY! I hope that your day was enjoyable and everything that you hoped it would be. I love you, and your family!

Judy said...

Hey Romy,

Happy late birthday. You are the best. I have such respect for you and all that you have accomplished in life. You are a true giver. We have so much fun when you get out to visit. Come visit soon. Bring Joe and the kids. We would love to have you stay with us or shuttle between everyone in the Phoenix area. We all love you and would love to spend time together. Say hi to everyone. Mom just so loves you and gets the biggest kick out of your calls. Thanks for thinking of her so often. God Bless.

Mary McGarvey said...

Hello Romy!

Do you or your siblings remember the mcgarveys at Epiphany School!?

I went with your sister in the class of 1973.

I happened to see the obituary of Brendan O'brien and realized that his mother was Rosemary.

I wondered if something had happened in China!

China is a place I saw in 1990 with a friend. We toured as backpack students and came out after a month exhausted from cultural shock and language difficulties and so on, but never did we get sick. We drank only hot green tea. No water. Sometimes Tao Ching beer was a substitute at ten cents a bottle , but beer is too bitter for me.

Please let your sister know that Mary McGarvey remembers your house and the back alleys up there above Geneva very well. And the slumber party where your Mom had to put up with us girls!