Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's Tom's Birthday Today!!

Today, March 11, is Tom Park’s birthday. Tom is the oldest of the six Park kids born to my Aunt Dot and Ed Park. Tom grew up in Sacramento, California and now lives in San Jose with his wonderful wife, Elsa.

Tom and Elsa have one daughter, Dorothy. Dorothy and Kerri are the same age. Kerri spent some time in California with Dorothy when they were about 10. They continue to be good friends.

A few years ago, Kerri, Cameron and I drove to San Jose for Dorothy’s wedding to Wes Won. It was a quick weekend trip and we had a wonderful time.

Twins run in our family. We have several sets in different branches of the Scott Family. Tom has twin sisters and twin brothers. And now, Tom and Elsa are the proud grandparents of twins, Izzie and Will. Of all the twins in our family, this is the first boy/girl twins.

They came to our Aunt Teresa’s 85th birthday party in July of 2007. I will never forget the two of them in our swimming pool!! They were so precious and had such a great time. They are darling children.

One of the greatest things about our family is the fact that everyone tries to get together as often as possible—for the good times and the sad times. We get to see Tom and his family often. I was thinking about this the other day. My Aunt Dot died in 1981 and Ed in 1986 (I think). I know that Dot would be very proud and happy about the way we have all stayed in contact through the years. It is actually more than staying in contact.....

Tom and his brother, Ted, like to attend one of the NCAA basketball regionals every year. They have stayed with us a few times when they have been here in Arizona. They are also both "die hard" San Francisco 49er fans.

A little story about what happened a little bit ago that I think you will enjoy, Tom! I had a PTSO meeting on Monday night and didn't get home until after 8:00. Last night I went to the Suns game and didn't get home until quite late. I had started to write this post, but hadn't finished it. I figured that I would finish it when I got home this evening and post it then, as I am actually home tonight... Well, I was in a first grade class doing a teacher observation when my phone started to buzz. It was Teresa calling. I couldn't answer it then, but when it went to voice mail, I was a bit concerned because she is in Douglas right now. So I went out of the classroom as soon as I could to listen to her voicemail. Guess what she was calling about?????? She had just gotten on my blog and I hadn't posted your birthday post!!! It was quiet in the office and I decided to run home and finish this before our lunch starts and the possibility of any discipline issues!!!

So, Tom, I hope you have wonderful birthday today. Sorry I didn't get this posted earlier!!! And I know you know what song I am putting on!!

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Anonymous said...

I was just going to say . . . it's ABOUT TIME you got Tom's birthday message posted, Young Lady!!! You got BUSTED!!! LOL
Love ya, Dear Friend!!

Judy said...

Happy Birthday Tom. I called Sheila today and told her with the size of our family, she needs to stop working and just get out the birthday messages, ON TIME. I am grateful that Sheila does this, if it were up to me....Mom would still be calling. I just don't have Sheila's writing skills or organization.

I have always loved your visits. Your grandbabies are so cute and fun. We are having an Irish birthday party (60!!!) for Sheila at my house this Saturday. We are only a few months late. Oh well, like I said--I don't have her organization skills. At least I got the celebration done in the right year. Have an Irish coffee for Sheila on Saturday! Love Ya.

Scott Family said...

Happy Birthday, Tom. We (YaYa, Cecelia, Pat, Marion, Teresa, Judy and Pat) are all wishing you a great day and letting you know we're thinking of you!