Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pancho, the Obsessive, Compulsive Pug!

Pancho, our troubled middle pug, is obsessed with balls. If you ask him where his ball is, he immediately starts looking everywhere for it. It doesn't matter how tired he is, he will continue to play fetch forever. When we are in the pool, he wants us to throw the ball to each other. He will run from one end of the pool to the other to try to get it, while crying all of the time.

When Earl, the fourth grade bunny, was visiting a couple of weeks ago, Kerri put one of Pancho's balls in the bunny cage with Lucy and Earl. This is the video of Pancho getting his ball.

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Kerri and Cameron said...

I love this video, and that pug. Plus, isn't Earl the cutest bunny?