Thursday, July 9, 2009

The News Is Good!

Judy and I went with Teresa to the pulmonary specialist this afternoon. Judy had been around getting as much information from the other doctors for us to have the appointment today. The doctor was running a bit late, and when he came in I could see why. He has a wonderful "bedside" manner and really took a lot of time with us and asked a lot of questions and answered a lot for us.

She had a CAT scan in March that didn't show anything. We didn't have the full scan from the one done in June, but he felt that it is most likely scar tissue which he saw a lot of in her lungs. He suggested that we wait two months and do another CAT scan then which will be three months from the last one. He said that if there is anything fast growing that she probably wouldn't feel as good as she does and she would have a lot of symptoms that she doesn't have. He was very kind and told her that if she was very worried and would lose sleep over this, that he would do things more aggressively, but based on all of the information that he has, he feels it is best to wait.

There is still a chance it could be something, but if it was something that grew so quickly between March and June, there is probably very little that can be done at her age. However, she is not exhibiting any other signs of anything.

Of course, Teresa was darling with him. You could tell that he really enjoyed her and he was very patient. She told him about her faith in God and I told him about her enjoying a vodka tonic. He asked her what she was doing when he got off work tonight because he thought he might like to join her for a drink!!!

We all came away from the appointment feeling much better about everything. She, of course, is leaving everything in God's hands.

So thanks for all of the comments on the blog. She loved reading them today and got a bit teary as she was reading them. Thanks for the emails and the phone calls. Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers. She is such a wonderful human being and I know we have all learned so much from her about living life to the fullest!!

The picture I posted here is with Teresa, my mom, Uncle Tom, Uncle Bill, and Uncle Matt at our family reunion in Douglas in 1992.

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velvet brick said...

I have tears of gratitude and happiness and joy right now!!! This is such wonderful news and I am so glad that today's kind doctor had words of reassurance and relief!! Yes, is that not so like Aunt Teresa to speak of her faith in she should and as we should all listen. Aunt Teresa, please know how much I love you. You have been strong for me when I was weak and all of your kind words, hugs, encouragement, laughs and love have been so appreciated by myself. I always enjoy my time with you because I always learn something about life from you. Thank you for your beautiful gift of life and spirit. I know I'm a wealthier soul because of you.

Love, hugs and blessings to all of you!

Um...Aunt Teresa, let me know of a day that works for you... I'd like to treat you to a vodka tonic! : )


Julie said...


That is WONDERFUL news! Thanks for keeping us updated I was thinking about you and aunt Teresa today!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning....Extremely Good News! Theresa, just another "bridge" to cross, and you called the right trump...a Grand Slam.(Love that bridge talk)Now I'll go take a walk and thank God for the kind doctor. What a wonderful family!! Sheila, I'm thrilled for you and Judy. "IT IS WHAT IT IS!" It's a "WONDERFUL LIFE"!!Now when does the next trip start?

Anonymous said...

Oh, Teresa...this is such good news. I know there were a lot of people praying and thinking of you yesterday as we all love you dearly. You have always been our angel on earth guiding us through our short time on this earth by your example and tremendous faith. You must know what an inspiration you are to all of us and we hold you so dear in our hearts. Take care, our love.
Tom and Sandra

N-Search of Peace! said...

Happy dances!....jigs across the floor!

Aunt Teresa a women of grace, humility, kindness, and all that is beautiful of our Lord.

A child of God she truly is...

Such happiness!

Love and peace always...

Sonya Miller said...

Great News!!! Aunt Teresa is such an angel...send her lots of kisses and hugs from me!

barb said...

our prayers have been answered.
Love, Barb

Anonymous said...

WooHoo ~ I have a ginormous smile on my face right now :) God IS good!
Love & hugs,

Judy said...

We all feel very blessed by mom's love and faith. We continue to be overwhelmed with everyone's support and kind words. She is very touched and thanks all of you. Yesterday was great news. She deserves it! She is much relieved and ready to travel agian! I can't keep up with her! Thank goodness Sheila is such a good sport!

Martha said...

Hi, Sheila. I'm just catching up on my blog reading now and didn't realize what you were going through with your Aunt Teresa. I'm very happy for her and you and all the many people who care so deeply about her that the news was good. I'm glad she found such a wonderful, caring doctor.

Your posts about the family reunion are great. I'm glad you and Kerri and Cameron got to go and that you had such a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...

What great news. We all love our Aunt Teresa soooooo much! Of course, she will continue to be in our prayers. Not only does Teresa have a wonderful outlook on life----you know she wrote the book on "How to Age Gracefully," she has the most beautiful blue eyes. Teresa, your eyes are the same color as my dad's, and I feel like I am looking at him when I look in your eyes. Maggie has the same color, too. How fortunate for her. Teresa you are the "Best!" and I love you very much. We all know that you have a direct line to God and the Blessed Mother, and your good health will continue. All my love,

Dottie said...

I am SO thankful about the positive news, Sheila and Judy!!! Teresa is definitely one of the blessed souls of this earth!!! There wouldn't be enough time in an entire lifetime to even begin to list all of the wonderful qualities that woman has that she so easily and graciously shares with EVERYONE she meets!!!! I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!! What an inspiration!!! She is the most positive, selfless, and uplifting person this world has ever seen!!! Oh . . . if the world were just FULL of Teresas!!! Please give her a hug for me!!!