Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Reflections on the Fourth of July Weekend

This past week spent in the Nation's Capital has been an important one to me for a variety of reasons. The first time that I visited Washington D.C. was in the summer of 1965 when I attended a national convention for an organization that I belonged to in high school. After the convention was over, I was able to stay an extra two weeks to visit with my cousins who lived there. I was able to see so much of Washington D.C. and the surrounding area during that time and I loved all of our country's history that takes place and took place in this area.

I was back in 1970 for a wedding of one of my cousins and haven't been back since. Every few years our cousins from back east have a family reunion. Most of the relatives that attend are from their mother's side of the family as they are mostly from the east coast. My Aunt Teresa attends all of them and has always had such a gre
at time. This year we were able to go with her and get to visit with our cousins that we don't see as often.

Over the course of the past year that I have written my blog, I have talked so much about the importance of our family to Teresa and how she is truly the matriarch of our family. All of my cousins love her dearly and she always has an honored place at family weddings and visits. Most people who know Teresa love her as she always sees the good in people and looks for the positives instead of the negatives in situations. Her strong faith in God has carried her through many good and bad times over the past almost 87 years. I admire this faith that she has.

Well, Teresa was in her glory at the farm visiting with her siste
r-in-law, Mary, and her nieces and nephews as well as Mary's family. She was up early every morning to get back to the farm and stayed late each night. She never appeared tired of these long days because she was in her element with family. She told stories of our family and of their dad, Tom, growing up in Douglas. She told the story that is probably my favorite one. My mom was about two years younger than Tom, but those of you who knew my mom will know that she was the fiesty one. My Uncle Tom had the same type of personality as Teresa. He was a kind and gentle man. When he was about 10 and they were attending Loretto School in Douglas, there was a boys' side and a girls' side for playgrounds. It was that way when I attended. Well, one day word got over to the girls' side that some kid was beating up Tom Scott. When my mother heard this, she flew over to the boys' side and proceded to "take care" of the boy who was beating up her brother. When the parents came to school to complain about their son being beaten up, the nun brought my mother (who was always very little) to the office so that they could see who beat up their son. It turned out that the boy was upset because the Scotts were "getting another baby--my Uncle Bill" and he was an only child.

On Sunday, we took her to our cousin Barbie's house in Maryland where she spent the night with Barbie, Joe, and Laura. Monday Pat and our cousin Lisa picked her up and brought her to our other cousin Judy and Neil's home, also in Maryland. We had dinner with everyone and Teresa was animated and talking and laughing about so many things. She has counted how many nieces and nephews that she has with spouses included and I think it is around 174. She tells anyone who will listen about how proud she is of this. And I can tell you that those nieces and nephews love her dearly.

We had reservations to spend Monday night in Baltimore as our plane was taking off fairly early from Baltimore on Tuesday morning. As we were driving on the freeway to Baltimore, she was talking to Kerri, Cameron and I about how much it meant to her that "her kids" got to come to this reunion this year. She wasn't able to finish what she was saying as she was crying.

Just before we left on this trip, I took her to a cardiologis
t appointment for a follow up on tests that they had run on her. The cardiologist found a mass on her lung on the CT scan that was done. She said it could be nothing serious or something very serious. She also doesn't want to see her back until she sees a pulmonary specialist to determine what it is.

I know that this was hanging over her head during this trip,
but she has the most incredible outlook about it. I know that it has worried me. Judy was able to get her primary care doctor to recommend a specialist and they called today with a cancellation so she has an appointment tomorrow.

I am hoping and praying that it is nothing serious as she means more to me than I can put into words. And I know that there are a whole lot of other people out there who feel the same way.

So no matter what happens tomorrow, this past week has been a special one for us and something that I will always cherish.

Even though I already put this picture of her on a post, I am doing it again as this truly captures her smiling face for all of us!

I am going to try to be like Teresa and see the best in things and try to have her wonderful attitude about life. One could only hope to be half as good a person as Teresa Scott is!! In this day and age when so many people call themselves Christians, yet they are unaccepting and so intolerant of anyone or anything that is different from what they believe, Teresa truly exemplifies what a true Christian should be!

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Anonymous said...

Shiela,you said it all. Teresa is the greatest & we love dearly. Our prayers our with you Teresa. It sounds like you had a great time, wish we could have come. Hope you had a beer for me! Love Rosie

Judy said...


Thank you. I can't tell you how grateful I am that you went with mom to the DC reunion. She had such a wonderful time.

Mom is quite a lady. She is an inspiration to all. Everyone loves mom and sppreciates her love of life and kindness. You are a lot like her and don't need to work at being more like her. You are wonderful, just the way you are!

She is ready for tomorrow. Hopefully, it will all end up with good news. But if it doesn't, she is "OK" with whatever is "God's Plan." I will always appreciate her "love" that she gives to all. She definately feels that you, Kerri, Patrick and Cameron are her kids.

Kerri and Cameron said...

I am keeping Teresa in all of my thoughts and prayers, I don't know that she's left them in the last few days. I know that what ever comes from tomorrow's doctor visit, Teresa will be accepting of it and know that it is what God/Jesus has chosen for her to go through at this point in her life. I hope it is something we all can go through with her, either way.

As I was taking her through the airport in Baltimore more than one person commented on how awesome/great it was for me to be with my grandma/great aunt and taking her around the country. I hope to be able to continue to do that with her.

Teresa has been there for me in so many ways that I can only have good thoughts for her visit with the doctors tomorrow. I don't know what I would do without her - or what our family would do. I am going to go with HER faith on this one and know that all is going to be well - no matter what the diagnosis.

Cameron loves his Tia!!


Cameron & Kerri

Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting us know about Teresa so that I may also have her in my prayers ~ we all know how powerful they can be. I love you Teresa and will be thinking about you today!
Love & hugs,

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Your strength in faith and character are unbeatable. Your travels and experiences are treasures of life!! Thank you for sharing and caring.
God Bless!!

N-Search of Peace! said...

In the instance that I was graced by Aunt Teresa's infectious joy and perspective of life, I found such peace and happiness in being able to occupy her space and breathing room.

God is good and I trust that his plan is just.

I love her as I have come to love you all.

Life IS good.

And Christianity? is all about the truth!...Aunt Teresa is truth!

Love and prayers for peace to always dwell with you all...


Anonymous said...

This blog was so much fun to read. And I love all the things you said about Aunt Teresa because it's all so true! She is in her "element" when around family. I don't know anyone else that could love all 175ish (and counting) "kids" that she has like she does! She has the biggest heart! And she is a prayer warrior for our family! She is in my prayers too.
Last summer, she traveled 11 hours from CA to NAU with me for my first couple of days of school so I wouldn't be alone. She made the transition easy. She was my "roommate" those days and I miss her up here this summer. I had so much fun with her.
I LOVE listening to her stories of all our family that has gone before us. She is a great storyteller, and a great listener always sharing her love and faith. I'm so grateful for all the times I get to spend with her, especially all our time in the car together, hehe. I love you Teresa! And praying for you!
Love, Maggie

Cheela said...

From Lorie Oros:

I had read your blog after I sent the previous message. I am praying that you find out you have nothing to worry about, just an old valley fever spot or something. I do have to agree with you about Teresa. She truly is one of the the most extraordinary woman I have ever met. She is someone who makes you feel like once you are part of her life, you are part of her family. She actually "walks the walk" not just "talks the talk". and is absolutely a woman of faith who is an example to those of us around her. You are so lucky to have such a lovely woman in your family. The rest of us have to settle as interlopers, but feel lucky as well to know her. Please give her our best. Hopefully she can come with us when we go to dinner. I think she would love Flicka's. He would certainly love her!! Let me know what you find out and know we will be praying. We can go any nother time might work for you and whoever would like to come along is welcome!! Kerri and Cameron would like FLicka's as well I think, Patrick too. The food as you know is good old Douglas variety!! Please let us know about Teresa....

velvet brick said...

I can't say enough how happy I am that you, Aunt Teresa and everyone was able to make this trip east and reunite with your wonderful, huge family!! What a time for memories that will never, ever end. The picture of Aunt Teresa is just the best because it shows her pure joy and love of her family! I've always admired how she gets right into the swing of things at parties and celebrations! She's not one to sit in the corner and watch it happen...she's right there with everyone laughing, sharing stories and enjoying it all!

I am praying with my being that the news is positive. God has a special place in His heart for Aunt we all do. Keep us posted. Thinking of you all...

barb said...

I said a little prayer in a beautiful old mission here in San Luis Obispo for Aunt Teresa today. I always feel so wonderful after I get a hug from her.

Jane said...

Just wanted you to know that I am praying for your Aunt Teresa too. I am so glad you were able to take this trip and enjoy the time with family.
What a wonderful place to be on the 4th!

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