Friday, July 3, 2009

Green Chili CAN Be "Terrifying"

So much has happened since we left Arizona last Thursday for the east coast. Aunt Teresa, Cameron, Cousin Pat and I flew out of Sky Harbor and arrived in Baltimore around 11:00. Kerri had been in Atlanta at the Model Schools Conference and she flew into Baltimore to meet us. She got there about 15 minutes before we did and we met her at baggage. We had a hotel at the airport and by the time we got our bags, picked up the rental car and got to the hotel, it was quite late.

We planned on doing some quick sightseeing on Wednesday in Washington D.C. before heading down to our cousins' farm in Virginia for a family reunion with our east coast cousins.

We left Pat and Teresa with our Aunt Mary in Bethesda and got to our hotel in D.C. Thursday afternoon. We met Katie for a late lunch and were joined by Ken and Kayla. Ken did some quick sightseeing with us and then left to visit some relatives.

I have so much to write about what we have been doing the past few days. I intend to post pictures and tell about our adventures, but it may not be until we get back next Tuesday as every moment has been taken it seems.

I do want to share something that I think was really funny. Different families have been responsible for meals at this reunion. The Arizona contingent was assigned meals with the Washington D.C. Scotts. I had emailed asking what they wanted us to make and asked if it was possible to get tortillas around here. There didn't seem to be much hope of getting any good tortillas so I offered to make my green chili rice. I was told that I could get green chilis here. I decided that they were probably the very small cans of green chilis. In order to make enough food for the many people at the reunion, it would require many of these small cans. So I decided to pack two of the large cans that I get at Sam's Club in two of the suitcases.

When I opened the suitcases the first night in Baltimore, there was a note from the TSA that my bags had been inspected. It didn't even occur to me these very large cans of green chilis would be "flagged" by the screening system at the airport!

After reading the notice in the suitcase, I looked at the cans. When I put them in the suitcases, they were fine. However, after the cross country plane ride, they had big dents in them. I have no idea if this was because of air pressure or
the way suitcases are treated by the airlines!!!

Anyway, I took the cans to the farm and they have been quite a conversation piece over the last few days. People from back east don't normally see cans that size of green chilis!!! So tomorrow I am fixing the green chili rice with the "terrifying" green chili that came all of the way from Arizona. And the best part is that these green chilis that are sold at Sam's, were grown and processed down near Douglas!!!

We have had a lot of laughs over this. I have so much more to share and will do so as time allows over the next few days. RIght now it is 1:00 a.m. (only 10:00 in Arizona). I need to get some sleep for another great day tomorrow. Everyone is having a wonderful time!!

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velvet brick said...

I'm sure the TSA doesn't get many ladies traveling with two big metal containers packed among their undies! One trip through the screening machine and the principal from Gilbert was flagged!!! When you talk about your 'green chili rice'...are you talking about CHEESY RICE!??! Man oh man, if you are!! : )) Perhaps you need to add 'terrifying' to the title of this awesome dish! I am so glad that you are all having such a wonderful time with family and getting to see some wonderful sights in that part of the country! I miss it. Give my love to everyone - we miss you back here but are so glad you are able to make this trip! Happy Fourth of July!! God Bless all of you and God bless America!! : ))

N-Search of Peace! said...

This is right up there in the category of "What songs Principles sing at home than at their school!"

Oh the stories that could be told!

Love you all and think you are amazing!

Happy 4th and reunion!


Anonymous said...


Happy 4th of July from the San Francisco Scott's. Sorry we couldn't be there. Tell everyone hello.

Love Maria Elena

Judy said...

I thought about the cans being inspected when you were packing. But I thought, "Oh, surely green chilli is not a national threat" Oh my, I was wrong! The FBI will probably be visiting you at school and asking the the recipe! Only you, Sheila!