Saturday, June 27, 2009

June Journeys

So much has happened in the last two weeks since I got back from our two week road trip to Sonya's wedding!!

I came back to face some very difficult issues with our
current situation in Arizona because of the state budget. I had to call several of our instructional assistants to tell them that they no longer had a job. I was so afraid that this was going to happen, but I was hoping that it would not be as drastic as it was. The Wednesday when I made these phone calls was an awful day. As I have said before, I never thought that my job would ever be telling wonderful people that they no longer had a job. For the past several years, it has been just the opposite. We had more jobs and it was hard to find good people. I feel very blessed that I was always able to find good people and then Wednesday came and I had to make these awful phone calls.... From what I am hearing on the news, it doesn't sound like anything is going to get any better in Arizona as children are taking the brunt of the budget cuts that the state must make. How sad!!

Last weekend brought a much needed reprieve and a trip to Las Vegas that had been planned for several months. I love Bette Midler and a birthday pr
esent from a very dear friend was a trip to Vegas to see her in concert. As I wrote on Facebook, I saw the Doors at the Coliseum in Phoenix in 1968, but the Bette Midler concert that I saw at U. S. Airways a few years ago was the very best concert I have ever been to in my life. I can say that her concert in Vegas was incredible once again. It was a great weekend!! I feel as though I am 21 all over again celebrating my birthday months later!!

This weekend my friend, Susie of Arabia, came to visit. I had a party here at our house last night that was so much fun!! We had old friends from Douglas, bloggers that she hadn't ever met, but has corresponded with the past two years, and new blogger friends who have followed her blog because of mine. It was a great evening as people visited, we did some karaoke, and had many laughs. Our party pugs could hardly move all day today.

I am so glad that Susie was here in Arizona and that so many people were able to meet her after they have followed her blog. Her story is truly amazing and I am glad that she is my friend for many reasons, but mostly because she is such a wonderfu
l person!! I am so glad that we had the two days to visit and catch up. Thanks, Susie, for being here and for being such a good friend.

I love blogging!!! It has been so therapeutic for me in so many ways. It has enriched my life and has allowed me to truly have such wonderful connections with old and new friends!!

Patrick is in Europe and is doing a blog. There is a link to it on my site. It's Europe, I've Been Dreaming.

Tuesday, we leave for a family reunion in the Washington D. C. area. Teresa, Cameron, Kayla, Pat Rush, and I are all going. I am excited to be able to get away again!

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velvet brick said...

What a wonderful party it was, Sheila...and Susie is just a sweetheart! I am SO GLAD to have been able to meet her, both through your blog AND in person!! Yeah for you being able to go to D.C. and enjoy more of your vacation. Have a wonderful, wonderful time! : ))

Anonymous said...

Hey Sheila,
Glad your time with Susie and everyone was so much fun! Sorry AGAIN about your stressful week related to your job but glad you are getting away for your family reunion. Thanks for letting us know about Patrick's blog and going to Europe. I wrote to him but of course couldn't figure out how to send it sooo, let him know how much I LOVED it and how proud I am of him ... I ALWAYS knew he was capable of great things ... he should have just asked me :) He holds a special place in my heart! I tried to also tell him that the French were acturally good to us ... when I got sick, so many people helped me and took care of me from the lady at the pharmacy calling a Dr. and making an appt. for me AND walking us to his office, the Dr. being so kind and giving me meds. etc., hotel for making all the arrangements for me to fly home and taking care of my family that I had to leave behind. Just thought we needed ONE good story about the French :)
Love & hugs,