Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Wedding

Yesterday was the big day for Sonya and Jason. They were married at 3:30 at a beautiful chapel in a cemetery. Yes, that is correct--in a cemetery. I was thinking that the significance of the cemetery was because Sonya loves all of the Mexican skeletons that are for Dia de los Muertos or the Day of the Dead.

However, her mom said it was because of the stained glass windows in the chapel. Sonya is an artist and is majoring in art at Southern Illinois University and has gotten into stained glass. Her mom said that since Sonya and Jason don't belong to an organized church, they weren't able to get a church with stained glass. Most of the churches around this area are newer buildings and don't have stained glass. As I looked around the chapel at the stained glass, I totally understood why she chose it. The stained glass is awesome and there are many depictions of lillies which has a special significance in that her daughter is named Lillia.

The part of this that I liked so much is that I have always said the only two things I want out of life are a Mexican Wedding and an Irish Wake!! You can do both at this chapel!!!

Sonya and Patrick have been friends since they were in high school. Sonya and Lillia have been a part of our family for several years. Last year, she decided that the best plan for her and for Lilia was to move to Illinois to live with her parents and to be able to finish college. We were all sad when she moved, but knew it was for the best. And it has turned out to be for the best. Jason is a wonderful young man who loves Sonya very much.

The ceremony was beautiful and unconventional which is so Sonya. Jason's sister, Lisa, was the "Best Woman" and Patrick was a "bridesman." They included both of their children in the service. At the end, the four of them, Sonya, Jason, Lillia and Cassidy, all had a vase of sand. Together they poured their vases into a larger vase signifying the blending of their families. I don't think I have ever seen anything like this and it was so beautiful!!

The reception was a lot of fun. The Elks Club reminded me of the one in Douglas. They are probably very similar no matter where you go. Patrick did a toast to Sonya and told the story of her walking down the beach in Rocky Point with her high heels on pretending to be Marilyn Monroe. The toasts at a wedding are always emotional and when it came time for Sonya to talk, she had a difficult time. She thanked her parents for all that they have done for her and then she thanked me. I was absolutely not expecting this and it touched me so much! I didn't and still don't know what to say to be included like that. It certainly meant a lot to me--more than words can ever express, Sonya!!

We are on our way to Chicago now. We have had a wonderful time here in Southern Illinois with Sonya and her family. I am so glad that we were able to come to this wedding and I am so happy for Sonya and Jason!! Sonya, you deserve the best and I thank you for being a part of my life and enriching it in many ways!!

PS--The song for this post was the song that Sonya and Jason picked to walk out of the church after they married!

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Judy said...

Sonya looks so beautiful! Jason is very handsome and Lillia has grown-up to be a beautiful young lady. Kerri and Cameron looked great. Patrick looks very sophisticated and handsome. I loved the chapel in the cemetary! The stained glass windows are wonderful. I am not surprised that Sonya paid a tribute to you, Sheila. You have been a strong supporter of Sonya's. I would have loved to have been at the wedding. I know it was unique and special.

Mom is still at YaYa's. Having fun and enjoying herself. I spent all weekend in the sun at ASU. Ryan's meet yesterday was on the 3-meter board. He did OK with the competition. Today he competed on the 1-meter and came in 7th/10th in his category. It is fun to go to these meets. I can really see the advancement of some of the young divers from out-of-state. I don't get to see them dive unless I am at a big meet and their progress is impressive. It makes me wonder how much of Ryan's progress I miss. There is a 16 year-old diver from Alaska that dives on the New Mexico team. His name is Scott and he lives with his grandparents in NM to dive on a particular team. I guess diving may not be real popular in the part of Alaska that his parents live. I just love visiting with his grandmother. Scott is such a strong diver and we may see him in the olympics some day. Scott's grandmother reminds me of Auntie and I so enjoy visiting with her.

We miss all of you! I will go visit the dogs tomorrow. I am so happy you were able to be with Sonya and Jason on their wedding day.

Anonymous said...

You sound very relaxed Sheila and I feel like I'm partly on the trip with you since you do a great job describing everything. The Cabin in the Woods sounds perfect and I'm glad you are enjoying everything so much. All the pictures have been fabulous and everyone looks either beautiful or handsome . . . just missing YOU! I LOVE everything Sonya and Jason did with the wedding from the chapel to the attendents! Enjoy a safe trip home.
Love & hugs,