Thursday, June 11, 2009

Many Miles and Many Stops...

This morning started in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and a visit to some beautiful falls on the river. It was sunny and a bit chilly.

From Sioux Falls, we traveled across the state of S
outh Dakota with the weather becoming increasingly worse. The sun gave way to dark clouds and even chillier weather. By the time we got to Mount Rushmore, it was raining sporadically and was dark and cloudy. The trip from Sioux Falls to Mt. Rushmore was about five hours.

Before I continue to post about this trip, I want to talk a bit about my friend and teacher, Martha. Today was her scheduled surgery down at the University of Arizona Hospital. My thoughts and prayers have been with her all day today as well as these last several months. We have not always been in cell phone range, but I received regular updates all day long. I was able to get on Facebook at one point, and saw that she had a post telling everyone to go to her blog as she had an update. Now this is after her 6 plus hours of surgery! Martha, you are amazing and I can't tell you how great you look and how much I admire your wonderful outlook as you have battled breast cancer these last several months. You are truly an inspiration!! There is a link to her blog on the side of mine and I am putting the link right here I am in awe of what you have been through and your spirit.

Mt. Rushmore was awesome to see in person. I have seen pictures over the years, but seeing it in person is well worth the trip. It was cold, dreary, and raining, but it was still worth it. To see the way the artist sculpted the four presidents, Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt, once again reinforces how much art is tied into our history.

We left Mt. Rushmore and drove through some beautiful mountains in South Dakota and then in to Wyoming. The rain became worse and at one point, the fog was so bad that the visibility was really cut. Patrick did a great job of driving us through this bad weather. We arrived in Cheyenne, Wyoming about 9:30 and stopped to eat. We had a little trouble finding a hotel tonight. I am thinking that the bad weather probably caused many motorists to stop. We finally found a hotel. It's almost 11:30 and I can say that I am really tired tonight. I think we are all tired at this point.

We are heading to Colorado and hoping to stay in Santa Fe tomorrow night. We will be back to Arizona either late Saturday or Sunday. I can tell you I will be glad to get home to the warm, sunny weather (I need to remember this come August) and to see our pugs!! I know they have had great care, but I am sure that they are missing us!! I know I have missed them!

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Susie of Arabia said...

What a wonderful trip you are having. And I'm looking forward to mine - we leave in a few days. See you soon!

velvet brick said...

I am SO GLAD that you've been able to take some time and truly get a change of scenery!! (and weather!) I sort of feel like I've gotten to travel with you around this beautiful country! You've seen some amazing places and I'm excited for Cameron to have visited so many great places and make memories that he'll have forever!! You're an awesome grandma to give your children and grandchild this experience, Sheila. : )) Safe travels these last few days. As excited and happy I am for your vacation, it will be wonderful to see you here at home again! Enjoy the rest of your trip! : )

Anonymous said...

I love that picture of Mt. Rushmore and think they should now carve Martha ~ what a famous hero she is to all of us!!!! I think she is just amazing! OK, finally you are getting to some places I'm familiar with ... I've been to Colorado and LOVE Santa Fe and hope you have a little time to roam around there (I don't get out much :) Continue to have a safe trip!
Love & hugs,

N-Search of Peace said...

I too, like the "pugs" can't wait to see you all!

Judy said...

Wow, Mom and I have so enjoyed following your trip and wish we could have joined you. We could have said the rosary everyday in the car! Mom would have enjoyed that the most about the trip. But she said it for you everyday while she is here with me.

We can hardly wait to see you guys and hear about your trip in person. I know the dogs will be sooooooo excited to see you. This has been confusing for them, but they have had great care. See you soon. We have missed you!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Sheila....what a trip you and the kids have had!! You've seen and experienced so much in just two weeks!! Yes, Cameron, will indeed remember this trip and he is at such a good age to see all these wonderful cities!!
Tom has always wanted to go Mt. Rushmore. Maybe one of these days!
Safe travels back to Arizona and home.

Martha said...

Thank you, Sheila, for your loving note. I am just now catching up with my friends blogs. I'm glad you had such a wonderful trip. You certainly deserved it!
Love you!