Thursday, June 18, 2009

Reminder of the "Schmooze with Suz" Event on June 26th!

My dear friend, Susie of Arabia, is coming to Arizona next week! I know many of you have become "blogger friends" with Susie through my blog. She has also made some other blogger friends who happen to live in the valley, plus some old friends from Douglas. So I am having a party for everyone who would like to meet and visit with her. Please mark your calendars for Friday, June 26, at 6:30. Please send me an email ( if you are planning to be here and I will give you more information.

Susie has become a world-wide celebrity because of her blog. She moved to Saudi Arabia about two years ago because her husband is originally from there. Susie is from my home town, Douglas, and I have known her for many years as we went to Douglas High together (she was a couple of years behind me). Her blog has won awards and is amazing!!! Recently, it was banned in Saudi Arabia!!!

If you ever read Perez Hilton, he even wrote about her blog on his celebrity gossip blog. Susie also won a Weblog Award for her blog (just click on either of these links to read about her blog).

So if you haven't read her blog, there is a link to it on here (Susie's Big Adventure). Get to know her and join us on June 26!!

I am so excited to host this event at my house and to see and visit with Susie!!!

PS I am putting this Bette Midler song on for this post for two reasons--for my friendship with Susie and because I am going to Las Vegas tomorrow to see Bette Midler!! YEAH!!!!!

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velvet brick said...

My calendar has been marked for weeks! I can't wait to meet Susie with a big hug!! It will be wonderful to meet her in person - I've so enjoyed her blog!! I am really excited about it!

I am so thrilled that you are heading up to see the Divine Ms. M in Vegas!!! Have a ball! I can't think of a better weekend to go play and celebrate! : ))