Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Menu for "Schmooze with Suz" on Friday

I am getting very excited to see my friend, Susie, and host a party in her honor on Friday. I have received a lot of RSVP's the last few days. I have tried to think of something to fix that will be easy, but is something that Susie probably doesn't get in Saudi Arabia. So I finally decided that I am going to fix bean tostadas and mini bean burros. So the menu for Friday will be tostadas, bean burros, chili con queso dip, salsa, and a variety of other chips and dips. There will also be beer, wine, and bottled water. I am not much for desserts, so if anyone wants to bring a dessert, that would be great or if you want something else to drink, please feel free to bring it. We will have plenty of ice.

The party starts at 6:30 and goes until whatever time it might end!! Be ready to sing as I have a karaoke machine. This will all take place in my official Irish Pub "Shenanigans" so plan on a good time. Please email me if you need directions or my phone number.

6 remarks:

Martha said...

Can't wait, Sheila! I'll plan on bringing a dessert.

N-Search of Peace! said...

I too can't wait sweetie! So much joy and happiness to be had!
Heading over with our VB chica and am so excited for the whole evening!

velvet brick said...

Should we bring pajamas and pillows too???

Cue up 'Sweet Home Alabama' baby!!!

: ))

Julie said...

Ahh this sounds heavenly. I have to say as much I love Seattle....I MISS mexican food. The kind of mexican food you can only get in AZ. I actually crave refried beans from nandos! :) The party sounds so fun wish I could be there!

Anonymous said...

I am VERY impressed with the presentation of the food. Sorry I'll miss it but will also be in Grammie heaven with the grandchildren (and children) in Pinetop. Have fun!
Love & hugs,

Tami Proffitt said...

sniff sniff! so sad i'll miss this and meet your INCREDIBLE friend!