Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cameron's 11 Today!!

Wow!! It is hard to believe that eleven years have gone by since that joyous day, September 1, 1998. Cameron turns 11 years old today. We are celebrating with his classmates today for lunch with pizza and drinks. He is in fifth grade this year and is doing very well! I am proud of him and so glad that he comes to Gilbert El. He is playing the tuba in the band, is the cameraman for our Tiger Town News each morning, and is his class representative for student council. He is growing up in so many ways because he has had so many people at school and our family care and nurture him. So happy birthday, Dear Cameron. I love you!!

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Judy said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Cameron! Wow, 11 years old! Enjoy your lunch with your classmates. I remember your birth at the hospital and the wonderful gifts that your cousin Cecilia brough your Grandmother to Celebrate her 1st grandchild. We love you! When I need "information" all I have to do is call you! You are the "walking" family dictionary!

Martha said...

Sheila, I am so impressed by the nice young man Cameron is growing up to be. Every time I see him on campus, he is kind and polite. I'm always taken aback at how grown up he looks this year. He has really matured.

Janaya thought it was so cool that she got to do his birthday shout out at the Roadhouse!


Kerri said...

YAY Cameron! He's done so well this year, and is maturing and growing up to be a great kid. I was thinking the same thing, Martha - that his features have matured, I commented on it at dinner tonight. I love seeing him grow up, but he'll always be my Smelly Joe.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Cameron! Sounds like it was a wonderful day!
Love & hugs,

velvet brick said...

Happy Birthday, Cameron! A bit belated, but still said with a hug and love! You're an awesome kiddo and I'm glad to have you in my life! : )) xox
Mrs. Dunton ; )

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Cameron! It was wonderful seeing you at the Chandler Mall the other day and having a short visit! You have always had a special place in my heart and it has been a joy seeing you grow into such a fine young man! You are so blessed, Cameron, to be part of such a loving and wonderful family. I know you realize it by now and treasure them and they do you.
Have a GREAT school year and study hard but have fun too!!
Ms. Sanders

Dottie said...

Dear Cameron,

I, too, remember being at the hospital the night you were born!! (Of course, I was out in the parking lot with a cooler of Coors Light in an ice chest for your Grandma and Cecilia!!) It's hard to believe that that was 11 years ago!!!

Cameron, you truly are such a remarkable young man in SO many ways!! Kind, thoughtful, caring, compassionate, brilliant . . . I could go on and on!!! It's such a joy . . . and honor . . . to be not only your teacher but your friend!!

I just don't know who is luckier . . . you, for being so richly surrounded with love and support by your entire family or your family, for having the endless blessings of such an incredible young man as you!!

I do have MANY fond memories and stories of how much your Great Grandma loved and adored you!! You were absolutely the apple of her eye!!! LOL There was no one who could top you in her eyes!! Of course, those feelings and sentiments are continued and carried on through your wonderful Grandma and Mom!!!

You TRULY are an amazing young man, Cameron!! Happy birthday and thank you for the joy you continue to bring into my life every single day!! (I have to agree with your Great Grandma!!)

Lots of love,
Mrs. Dawn