Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy, Happy Birthday, Jean & Jan!!!

Today, September 7, is the birthday of my twin cousins, Jean and Jan. Jean and Jan are my Aunt Dot's daughters and two of six children which include two sets of twins!!

Some of my favorite memories of growing up are associated with Jean and Jan. They are just a "bit" older than I am and I absolutely loved to spend time with them. It seemed that we always went to Sacramento to visit them in the summers and they came to Douglas for Christmas and many other times.

I remember the summer of 1963 when Cecilia and I went to visit them in Sacramento. I was the youngest cousin and they included me in all of their activities. I loved the time spent with all of my cousins that summer!!

As adults, I value the relationship that we have. They are not just my cousins, but my friends. I love getting to visit with them and spend time with them, especially at their cabin in Truckee.

Jean and Mike have one daughter, Tracy. Tracy has two beautiful daughters, Sarah and Megan. Jan and Tim have one son, Jeremy, who is an attorney in San Diego. Both Jean and Jan are now retired after both working in school districts.

It was great to see them this weekend at Maggie's wedding. As always, I wish we had more time to visit. I hope this birthday is wonderful for both of you!! I love both of you very much!!! Happy, Happy Birthday!!!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jean and Jan. It was wonderful to see you this weekend at Maggies wedding. Have a great day.

Maria Elena, Mike, Chris and Sam

Anonymous said...

All the fun and memories continue in your wonderful family! That Hearth is incredible! I'm sure the wedding was a blast.
Love & hugs,

Anonymous said...

Aren't these twins the sweetest and nicest! Happy belated birthday, Janine and Jan. Hope you had a great day! Thank you both for coming to Maggie and Mike's wedding-----and bringing your families with you.