Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Wedding of Maggie & Mike and More.....

This past Labor Day weekend was so much fun and had so much to write about. It started last Thursday with the arrival of our cousin, Michele Kneafsey O'Sullivan, from Donegal, Ireland. That is an incredible story in itself which I plan to share in the next few weeks. Michele came from Ireland to meet our family at Maggie's and Mike's wedding.

Friday night, Michele, Teresa, and I attended the rehearsal dinner at Bill Johnson's Big Apple in northwest Phoenix--a fun night.

Saturday was the big day for Maggie and Mike. The wedding took place at St. Mary's Basilica in downtown Phoenix, the site of so many family events. It was a beautiful mass!!

The reception followed at Holy Spirit in Tempe. We had such a great time at the reception visiting with family. Maggie looked absolutely beautiful, as did all of the cousins in the wedding. Marion and Ron put on quite an event!!

As always so many of our cousins were there. What a tribute to the original seven Scott siblings, as well as our grandparents and great grandparents!!

Sunday brought fun in the sun at Wild Horse Pass with dinner at Rawhide. Monday, Kerri, Cameron and I took Michele on a quick trip down to southeastern Arizona and our roots there. More on that to come.

Maggie's incredible older brothers, Marty, Scott, and Nathan, did the most hilarious skit for the wedding. I have put it on You Tube and I am putting it on the the blog. In order to hear it, turn the music off on the music player on the side of this blog. It is priceless!!! I have laughed over and over again when I have viewed it. All of the videos can be found on You Tube under TequilaCheela.

All and all, it was such a memorable weekend and I have so much more to share!

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velvet brick said...

I'm so happy for Maggie and Mike! He's such a nice man and they look so sweet together! Many happy years, you two crazy kids! As for the 'Matador' video.....oh my gosh!!!! I've got it saved on my I-Touch (because I Can!) and watched it this morning and just laughed out loud! It's great! Sheila, I LOVE the new 'cloud' picture on your header! Gorgeous shot!! : ))

Anonymous said...

Sheila, I think you did a great job summarizing the wedding weekend. I, also, think it was a beautiful wedding with both Maggie & Mike looking radiant! It just went by too fast, huh?
It was great to see all of our cousins there. Everyone is always so supportive of all our family events. What a thrill it was to met our cousin Michele from Ireland. What a sweetheat she is. We really appreciate her coming.
Sheila, thank you so much for taking all the pictures and the video-----ah! yes the video. Who do those boys belong to???? What characters they are! it was such fun!