Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Lena!

Happy birthday to my cousin, Maria Elena O'Brien! Lena is the oldest of my Uncle Bill's seven children. Bill was my mom's little brother and my Godfather. Lena and her family live in San Francisco where she is a nurse. Mike, Lena's husband, is a San Francisco police officer. They have two wonderful children, Chris and Samantha. I have so enjoyed getting to know their two children as young adults.

When I think of Lena I think of someone with "quiet strength." I imagine that she is an incredible nurse. I know that her brothers and sisters rely on that strength.

I am sure that this birthday will be bittersweet for Lena because of the recent tragedy in our San Francisco family. I do know that she and Mike are a source of strength to Ana's family. I have been in contact with her quite often over the past two weeks.

I always so enjoy visiting and talking with Lena. She is a wonderful human being and I am proud to call her my cousin. Love you, Lena, and hope that you have a wonderful birthday today. Hope to see you soon!

I found this quote about cousins that I really like:

"Cousins share that unique and special relationship that combines friend and family--a bond that is at the same time supportive and enduring. The woman who shares her life with a cousin like you is blessed."

I know that I feel blessed......

2 remarks:

NP said...

I know your family really appreciates all these wonderful things you write about them! I enjoy reading them.
Love & hugs,

Meags said...

I love the quote. How wonderful you "cousins" and all are!