Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hope Your Birthday is Great, Teresa Ann!

November 5th is the birthday of my cousin, Teresa Ann. Teresa is the youngest daughter of my mom's brother, Matt. Teresa grew up in Phoenix and is just a few years younger than I am.

Teresa and her husband, Donald, have six children. Most of the time when they were raising their children, they lived in Georgia. The last several years have been spent in California. Four of their children were already grown up when they moved to California and stayed in the Atlanta area.

Over the last several years, I have gone to the weddings of four of her children. Sarah and Ian were married in Savannah, Georgia; Allyson and Jayson and Scott and Becca were married in Atlanta. Last August, we went to New York for Justin's and Charlotte's wedding. All of the weddings were awesome and I had a wonderful time.

Sarah, Allyson, Scott and Justin are all University of Georgia graduates. Brett attends Georgia right now and Kate is the lone Californian at San Diego State. Their family are absolutely die hard Georgia Bulldogs!!!

Teresa and Don are also blessed with three beautiful grandchildren.

I have two favorite memories of when we were little kids. Teresa's brother, Eddie, became a priest in about 1956. He came to Douglas to say his first mass. A family friend took home movies of everyone coming out of the church. Teresa Ann and I would come out holding hands and grinning and go to the side door of the church and come out again. We did this over and over again--there were the two of us about every five people. I would love to show that old movie to her kids.

On another occasion, Teresa and her family were in Douglas. She and I both had the same hair cut, color, etc. One of the kids saw her from the back and thought it was me and called my name. I think Teresa may have been about four or five, but she immediately replied that she wasn't Sheila, she was Tweela Ann! I think her kids call her that sometimes!!!

This past weekend, Teresa and five of her children were in San Francisco to support our cousins there. I can tell you that Teresa is a very generous person!

So, Teresa, I hope you have a great day today. You share it with Patrick!! Happy Birthday, Tweela Ann!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I remember the Tweela Ann story as if it happened yesterday. Teresa Ann was so excited when the little girl called her Sheila. She was so adorable and still is! She's our sissy!

She was so kind and wonderful to come to California 16 !/2 years ago to take care of me after having surgery. She was here for two weeks because of a complication after the surgery. Thank you, Teresa I really appreciated you staying here.

Happy Birthday! to our youngest sister!