Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, Joan!!

Earlier this week, my wonderful Aunt Teresa said that she has started calling all of her brothers' and sisters' children for their birthdays. This is just one of the many ways that endears all of us to Teresa. Teresa is the only surviving member of the Edward and Katherine Scott Family. My grandparents had 10 children, but only seven of them survived to have families.

I am sure that it is very difficult for Teresa to be the only one left. However, all of my cousins treat her as the matriarch of our family. She is so deserving of this title because she cares so much about everyone in our family and makes every effort to make sure that we all keep in touch!! All of "The Cousins" include her in family events by giving her a place of honor in weddings, etc.

Teresa loves that I do this blog. So when she told me that she was starting to make these phone calls, I told her that I would do a blog post for these birthdays! She was very pleased. We talked tonight about the December birthdays.

It is fitting that this begins with my Uncle Johnny's family as he was the oldest of the Scott children. Johnny was born in Leadville, Colorado on February 5, 1903. I have done previous posts on Johnny as he lived with us when I was growing up in Douglas. Johnny's son, John Edward, was an incredible person. John died in November of 2005. John's wife, Joan, is celebrating her birthday today. Teresa will be calling her sometime today.

My cousin, John, had many health problems. He was diagnosed with diabetes as a young adult. Joan took such wonderful care of John and I know how much everyone in our family appreciated that. Joan is a kind, gentle person who we are proud to have in our family.

So Joan, I hope you have a very happy birthday. We love you very much!!!

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velvet brick said...

Aunt Teresa truly is the matriarch of your family and she has such an incredible spirit of family. I love that you are doing a post for the birthday honoree in conjunction with Aunt Teresa's phone call...that really is a special, loving way to honor a loved one! Your family is so rich in history...I love reading about everyone..but I must admit. I think I need a 'thinking map' to keep the family tree straight! I'll have to make a copy of the 'tree map' tomorrow!