Wednesday, December 10, 2008

They Say It's Your Birthday!

My cousin, Cecilia, celebrates her birthday today! What can I say about Cecilia? Actually, there are a lot of things I can say about her. Cecilia, or Rosie as she is known to some of the elders of the family, was born on December 10 in Phoenix, Arizona. She is the fifth of the six childen of my Uncle Matt and Aunt Gyp Scott. Cecilia is four years older than I am and I have wonderful childhood memories of the time spent in Douglas during the summer. Cecilia spent most of her summers in Douglas with us.

One of the best memories I have is the club that we started in the neighbors' backyard. We were the "Death Boys, the mighty, mighty, Death Boys.. How all of us girls came up with that, I don't know. I was the youngest and I went along with everything that they did. How I loved to be included!! We all had code names. I was Mehitabel, the Cat. I can't remember what Cecilia's name was. Someone was Archie, the Cockroach. (Maybe my cousin Marion will be able to remember and put a comment on this post.)

Cecilia is one of the most fun people to be around. She is always up for a party and a good time. I think she will be having fun when she draws her last breath some day way in the future.

Despite her fun-loving ways, there is no one that you can count on more than Cecilia--any time, any hour. She will do anything she can to help. Cecilia is not afraid of hard work and will do any job at any time for family and friends. I know this to be true because I have been the recipient of her help many times over the years. She is always there for us and I am thankful for that.

I remember when my kids were younger, they were a bit afraid of Cecilia. I think this was because she made them tow the line and put them to work. Now they look back and can't believe that they were ever afraid of her. They love her dearly. I remember being a little bit afraid of her mom, my Aunt Gyp, when I was a child. That was until I came up here to go to ASU and was so incredibly homesick my first year. Cecilia would pick me up on Fridays and then take me back to the dorm on Sunday evening during that first year. I found out then that Gyp was way more "bark than bite." I will always be grateful to Matt and Gyp for helping ease me into being away from home and becoming a real grown up person!

Cecilia and her awesome husband, Jay, have six wonderful kids. They also have six grandchildren, with the newest one being born just as short time ago. They are all fortunate to have such a great mom and grandma!

I have heard many times that you can pick your friends, but you can't pick your family.... I feel blessed that I come from such a wonderful family. Cecilia Rose Scott Henderson is not just my cousin, she is my very dear friend!!!

PS (I usually only put one song on when I have a new post. However, I have two for you, Cecilia. Hope you like the significance of one of them! It didn't seem possible when the Beatles sang this song that one day it would happen, did it? Notice the "rose" colored font?)

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katiecharles12 said...

I can attest to what a WONDERFUL mother she truly is :-) Happy Birthday Mom!


Anonymous said...

I agree Sheila and Katie. Mom is a great Mother and Grandmother!! My mom told me a funny story about Tyler that says a lot about her fun personality: Tyler was having a rough day and not being a "good listener" and walked up to my mom and asked, "Grandma, why do I like you?" My mom's reply was, "Hell.... I'm not sure why you like me!"

Happy 45th Birthday Mom and thanks for everything you do. Love you!

Thanks for your blog Sheila. I love checking in and reading what's going on. We really do have great family and friends!

Love, Monica and family

Anonymous said...

Cecilia is truly the beautiful "rose" in our family. Sheila, you did a great job of letting everyone know what a wonderful thoughtful person she is. What a great family we have. I can see all the Scott's up in heaven smiling down on all of us.


Kerri said...

I agree with all of the above statements. Some of my favorite memories of being an adult are going tailgating with Cecelia, I always have so much fun! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Susie of Arabia said...

How lucky you are to have such a close and loving family. I think it's wonderful that you are doing these tributes to mark various family members birthdays. I'm sure Teresa is very proud!