Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Rosemary!

This time of year, it is so busy that I can't keep track of the days. I truly thought that Dec. 15 was tomorrow. I want to wish my cousin, Rosemary O'Brien, a very happy birthday. Rosemary is the second daughter of my Uncle Bill. Bill was my mom's youngest brother and my godfather. Bill was the apple of everyone's eye because he was the baby of the Scott Family!!

Because Bill's kids were quite a bit younger than me, we didn't spend the time with them like we did with the other cousins. As an adult, it has been great to get to know all of these cousins.

Rosemary has three great kids and a wonderful husband, John. One of the neatest things that has happened in our family is that we have had brothers marrying sisters. Now don't take this wrong--let me explain. Rosemary's husband, John, and his brother Mike, are both married to sisters--Rosemary and Maria. With my Aunt Dot's family, Kathy is married to Lynn Boyer and Jan is married to Tim Boyer. So there are double cousins. I look at it as wonderful families who are a part of our family now.

Rosemary and John are the proud parents of Brendan, Johnny, and Katie. They see the importance of our family--particularly Brendan who has spent a lot of time with us. I feel we are so blessed with this connection to our San Francisco cousins.

My Uncle Bill died in 1993 and their mom died several years before. I think that my mom, our Aunt Teresa, and other members of the family have served as surrogates for my cousins.

Rosemary and John bought Rosemary's parents house in San Francisco. They live in the house that she grew up in. I know that houses are just buildings, but in our family there seems to be more of a connection. I am sure that is because of the house in Douglas being in our family since 1918.

Whenever we go to San Francisco, we always have many places to stay. I am thankful for that connection!

Happy birthday, dear Rosemary!!

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