Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wishing You a Holiday Filled with Joy and Laughter!

I have never been good about sending cards for holidays. If I did, this would have been the picture for the "homemade" cards!! Did I ever think that I would take "dogs" to have a picture with Santa--NEVER!!!!!! Oh how times have changed! Over the past few days being home from school, we have been busy trying to get some things done in the house, etc. I got new counter tops and a new sink installed today and it looks great! Our pugs (and Harvey the chow who thinks he is a pug) have provided non-stop entertainment!! What fun they are!

We have had Teresa, Judy, and family every night for dinner. It is so nice to be home and be able to have the time to cook.
Yesterday I made chicken noodle soup with my own noodles. It always tastes good, particularly when it is cold outside. Teresa loves this soup so I decided to make it. I also wanted to make something special for my friend, Martha, who is fighting inflammatory breast cancer. Our staff is getting her family a Christmas dinner that I will pick up and deliver to her tomorrow. I wanted to be sure to take some soup for her family also--a little comfort food.

Tomorrow evening we will go to Christmas Eve Mass at St. Mary's in downtown Phoenix with all of the cousins. We usually go to Yaya's house after church for tamales and enchiladas. This year we will be going to Pat's house as Phil is to weak to go anywhere. I received an email update from Pat this morning and Phil is declining rapidly.

Cameron is very excited about Christmas. He is getting a guitar and begins taking guitar lessons next Monday evening. He has been playing Rock Band on his Wii and is really getting into music. As always this time of year brings many memories of wonderful holidays that I have spent. I am so thankful that my own children are doing well in their careers as teachers and in their lives. Cameron is such a blessing and is growing up so quickly! My Aunt Teresa and Judy and her family continue to be such a support. And of course, there is our wonderful extended family--the Scott Family--who provide so many memories. I am so thankful that we have all remained close and stay in contact the way that we do. I am also thankful for my many wonderful friends who make my life complete!!

As I was looking for pictures for this post, I found this one of Cameron getting a doctor's kit when he was about two. That was the year that my mom fell and broke her hip right after Christmas. When the paramedics came to the house, Cameron ran to get his doctor's kit so that he could help his "Great," along with the paramedics. As I say so often, one has to find the things in life to laugh about. That picture brought a smile to my face as I remembered that day.

Happy Holidays to everyone!!

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Anonymous said...

What wonderful pictures Sheila and happy memories of your mom ~ I can just picture the whole event with the little Dr. helping the paramedics :) Merry Christmas to all of you AND I can hardly wait to see your new counters and sink!
Love & hugs,

Cheela said...

Thanks, Nancy! I know your holidays will be great with the two beautiful little girls.

I thought of Ellen all day on the 23rd--the day of the post. It would have been her 67th birthday. For so many years when we went to Douglas and after, I always called her to wish her a happy birthday.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, our dear sweet Ellen! I always remember her special day too because my sister Phyllis' birthday is the same day. Wouldn't she be so proud of Steve in the Faculty Follies ~ I knew she was smiling down on him :)
Love & hugs,

Dottie said...

Dear Sheila,

Your holidays sound just exactly like what they should be--full of family, love, fun, and special memories!!

What a CUTE story about Cameron helping out Great with his medical kit!! That's just like that darling boy--to want to help EVERYONE!! He is growing up to be such a kind, caring, and thoughtful young man (of course, he has so many positive role models in your family for that type of kindness to follow!!) and SO handsome in the picture with Santa and the pugs!!

Very, very best wishes to you and your awesome family for happy holidays and the new year, Sheila!! You deserve it!! But . . . also take some time for yourself and REST!!!

(I can't wait to see the countertops and sink!!)

Lots of love,

Martha said...

Hey, Sheila! This response is coming in quite a bit after you made the post, but maybe you'll see it. I'm feeling great again and have a whole week to go before my next chemo treatment. Hooray! The chicken noodle soup was wonderful. We had it for lunch Christmas Day and there wasn't one drop left.

I didn't know Ellen's birthday was this month. I never got to really know her, but following in her footsteps that year inspired and drove me to be the very best teacher I could be. I've always felt if I could be even half the teacher she was that would be saying a lot. I think of her often, especially these days knowing she went through a similar experience as I am. I think she may be keeping a special eye out for me.

I hope the rest of your break goes as wonderfully as it sounds the first week has gone!