Monday, April 16, 2018

"A Higher Power--Maybe" But I think it is my aunt Teresa

So many things have happened over the last several months in my life that have been so positive.   And I keep thinking that Teresa (and my mom, too) may have something to do with it.  And Dave feels that his mom might, also.

If Dave had come into my life just a few months before, this would never have happened.  I had too many things going on and would not have had the time to get to know him.

Despite the some times rough go in Douglas, there are very many people down there that I care a lot about and who were very important to me in my role as superintendent and in my life.  I was thinking about a way to do something there so that those people could meet Dave.

Dave and I are going to Bisbee on May 9 and staying until Saturday, May 12.  Our dear friends, Craig and Gloria, offered us their rental which is on Brewery Gulch.  I love Bisbee and I want Dave to spend some time there and see some of the other parts of southeastern Arizona.

Last week I talked to my former secretary and still absolutely dear friend, Carol.  We talked about a reception of some kind.  Knowing that it was going to cost some money, I talked to Dave about it.  That was a first for me as I have always made decisions on my own.  But being the wonderful man that he is and knowing how important it would be to me, he was totally agreeable.  

When we had Teresa's Douglas funeral and burial, we had a reception after at the Gadsden Hotel.  It was perfect and was very reasonably priced.  I called around to a couple of places and determined that the Gadsden would be the best.  Plus they have fixed up their outdoor patio on the second floor and it is beautiful.  We will have it privately.

Yesterday, Judy sent me a text that they had paid Teresa's income tax and there was a little money left over.  I had completely forgotten about that and so it came as a surprise.  She will be bringing me a check later this week and it will more than cover the reception in Douglas. 

To me, this is one more sign that she has her hand in this. When things were not going well down there, she would always tell me that she didn't know what to do other than pray.  And pray she did--a lot!  She always said my mom would have been the one to "take care of things" but that she just didn't know how.  Well, I think she is doing a DAMN FINE JOB!!!!

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