Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April 8th--A Great Day in Family History!

Today is my cousin Marion's birthday. Marion is my Uncle Matt's and Aunt Gyp's third daughter. Marion is six years older than I am and I always looked up to her when I was growing up. Our Phoenix cousins spent a lot of time in Douglas during the summers and we had so much fun. They always let me hang out with them and I loved every minute of it. I am sure I was a pain in the "you know what" at times, but those summers were great times.

During those days the Southern Pacific Railroad was in Douglas. Our grandfather had been a conductor on the railroad between Douglas and El Paso. The Sunset Limited came in to the train depot every evening at 7:00. I remember going to the depot to watch the train come in at night. The depot is only about six blocks from 858. Marion, Cecilia, our neighbor, and I were able to go to watch the train. I was too young to be allowed to go by myself.

I mentioned in the post I did for Cecilia's birthday that we had a club called the Death Boys. We had a clubhouse, fake names, recipes, and a chant to go along with our club. We were talking recently about all of our names and we can't remember who we were. (At least we all haven't gotten old enough to not remember who we really are!!)

Marion and her husband Ron have four children (Marty, Scott, Nate, and Maggie) and six grandchildren. They live in Turlock, California. Marion comes to Phoenix often and it is always so good to see her. I look forward to her visits. I know she loves to come visit her sisters and I count myself as one of them. Their youngest--Maggie lives in Gilbert now so Marion comes to visit even more often.

My mom and your dad (and mom) have to be smiling down on us and be so proud that our family relationships continue to be so incredibly strong. I know it makes our Aunt Teresa very happy!

So, Marion, I hope you have a wonderful birthday!! I love you and I am glad that we are not only cousins, but friends!!! When you came to my party last month, it meant so much!!

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Kerri and Cameron said...

Happy Birthday, Marion!! That's a funny story about you guys and the club. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!


Cheela said...

I think our names were Mehitabel, the Cat, Archie the Cockroach, and Goofy, the Gopher. Do those sound familiar? There was one more....

Judy said...

Happy Birthday Marion,

You are so cool, I always wanted to grow up to be just like you when I was little. I still do! We love your visits. Thanks for coming to Sheila's party. It meant a lot to all of us. Happy Birthday.

Anonymous said...

Sheila, thanks for remembering my b-day. I think the other name of the Death Boys was Herman the Rat. My Grandmother Scott's birthday was April 7, and because mine was the next day I didn't understand why I wasn't the same age as her, of course, at that time I was only 4 or 5 years old. My dad explained to me that I would understand it when I got older. So needless to say, I always remember momma on her birthday, and think of all the wonderful and fun summers I had in Douglas. They are my fondest memories. It was the BEST!

Cheela said...

Heath Bars and Canasta are my memories of Grandma and the summers when everyone was there. They were great times! And you are welcome, Marion. It was my honor to write about you!! Hope your birthday was great! Were you in San Diego?

Anonymous said...

Marion is a special sister. Sheila's mother, Auntie, as we all called her, would tell us about when Marion was born. Our Dad, took Auntie to the nursery and said, "Isn't she beautiful." Auntie of course agreed, but told us when we were older that Marion was a "blue baby," not quite sure what that means even today -- think there must have been some problems when Marion was first born and her skin was kind of wrinkley (spl). Anyway, that is ancient history and Marion is the beautiful caring person she is today. She also has a wonderful husband and beautiful children, daughters-in-laws and grandchildren. I love it when she comes to Phoenix. Thank you Sheila for writing all these blogs about us cousins. Happy Birthday Marion.


Anonymous said...

Little late on this...But Happy Birthday Mom! You are the best mom in the whole entire world!!!! I love you! Thanks Sheila for writing this about my mom. Now I understand better why my parents always drove us multiple times a year to Phoenix, so we'd have the same fond memories with our cousins as you all did down in Douglas, (and I do!). The "club" is a funny story, would love to hear more about the adventures there. -Maggie

Cheela said...

I agree, Maggie. Your mom is wonderful! Keep letting her know that.