Saturday, April 4, 2009

Blame It on the Bossa Nova

I have a wonderful group of friends who are and were administrators in our district. Jill, Susie, Sharon, Bev and I try to get together for a "Girls' Weekend" as often as we possibly can. We go to Susie's cabin in Pine, or Jill's house when George is out of town, or find a nice hotel or resort in the valley for these outings. I know how much I look forward to these weekends.... It is a time for us to laugh, talk, and solve all of the problems of our world and the district. And believe me, we always have all of the answers!! It is a time to unwind with very good friends!!

Bev retired several years ago from Gilbert and then went to work in Chandler. Jill and Sharon retired at the end of last school year. Susie and I are still plugging away (and we are both hoping we can for a few more years). Jill is officially in charge of planning our get-aways and Sharon is in charge of the food. After all, they have all of the time in the world for this!!!

At our last Girls' Weekend, Susie and I had spent the day interviewing people at the district job fair while Sharon, Bev and Jill spent the time planning a
nd getting ready for the two of us to get there!! Jill and Sharon have been taking tap lessons since they retired. We always have a laugh about it. The best part this time was that they were actually going to have a recital.

So today I went over to Susie's house around noon and met a couple of other friends to go to the recital at Sun Lakes. Susie had our tickets. They
cost $7.00--this was going to be a real event!!! They had a 2:00 recital and a 7:00 recital--big time!!

When we got to the ball room at the clubhouse in the Sun Lakes Retirement Community and got to our tables, all I could think of is that when I retire I just can't imagine myself taking tap dancing lessons and being in a recital. I remember doing that 50 + years ago when I took tap and ballet from Mrs. Bond in Douglas!! I am sure those of you who know me can't imagine it eith

There were four groups of "tap dancers" and Jill and Sharon were in the "Taps R Us" group. The recital consisted of the tap dancing groups, as well as various other singers and comedy skits. The first singer between tap dancing sang "Blame it on the Bossa Nova," hence the title for this blog. I couldn't decide between that for a title or "Just Shoot Me!" The recital was kind of like a cross between "Dancing with the Stars" and "The Lawrence Welk Show."

Jill and Sharon were the stars of the show as far as I am concerned. They did an awesome job!!! After the show was over, Jill said that last year at this time when they had completed AIMS testing, she couldn't imagine that this year they would be performing in a recital. I can tell you I didn't think that would happen either!!!

So thanks for the laughs and fun today, Jill and Sharon. I am glad you are enjoying your retirement so much. You both deserve it. However, today will make for great stories for our future Girls' Nights Out--lots of material there!!!!

(In order to view this video, go down to the player and turn off the playlist music. All you have to do is hit the = and it will turn off. There is music that goes with the pictures on this post.)

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Anonymous said...

You NEEDED a good laugh Sheila. Is it you I hear laughing in the background in the video? Too cute!
Love & hugs,

Susie of Arabia said...

What great fun! I remember refusing to take tap from Mrs. Bond, and instead, my brother Roy begged my mom for lessons!