Monday, April 20, 2009

It's Michael's Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Michael!! April has been a busy month for family birthdays. Today is my cousin Michael's birthday. Michael is one of my Uncle Bill's seven children. Michael, his wife Rebecca, and their darling little boy, Vincent, live in San Francisco.

Michael is our "television star" cousin. Michael starred in the show "Animal Cops, San Francisco." I found this bio on the internet about Michael:

Lt. Michael Scott was born and raised in San Francisco, where he attended college and worked in retail sales before coming to Animal Care and Control. Lt. Scott has attended Humane Academy courses, both standard and advanced, and is also post-certified in peace officer standards and training. During his 14 years at the agency, Lt. Scott has enjoyed working with dogs and wildlife, and has adopted a Maltese-poodle mix named Mango.

What are your thoughts on animal cruelty? "Until I came to ACC, I didn't think animal cruelty was a large problem. I thought it was just kids picking on cats or pulling dogs' tails — things like that. However, the things I've seen in the past 14 years have proved to me that humane law enforcement is a necessity. A person that takes out anger on an animal is of the weakest character. It's my goal to educate people and to prevent animal suffering."

This show can still be seen on rerun. The tall, dark, and handsome one is our Michael!

Michael and Rebecca were married in San Francisco a few summers ago. Of course, we all went out for the wedding. We were very proud when Michael asked Patrick to be in his wedding. We had a wonderful time!

So, Michael, hope your birthday is very happy today. And we are proud that you are the movie star in our family!! It is definitely better to be FAMOUS than INFAMOUS!!

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Kerri and Cameron said...

Happy Birthday, Michael!! Hope you had a wonderful one!! Love you and your family, give them kisses for me (where appropriate, otherwise a hug will do).


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Michael. I hope my "movie star" cousin had a great day! You have a wonderful family, a beautiful wife and adorable son. How fortunate they are to have such a great husband and father.