Thursday, April 23, 2009

Surfing AZ Way!

It has been a very long week at school this week. So much going on and so much to still figure out. In the past, April and May have been planning months for next school year. With all of the budget crisis, no one has any answers about what will be happening next school year. I had two meetings this week that were very long. We needed to have them, but we really didn't find out anything that will help us with planning at this time. It is very frustrating for everyone involved!!

Tonight I had the first grade musical, which was absolutely darling. Our first graders presented "The Mice from Outerspace" for all of their families. It was followed by the PTSO meeting. We are in need of parents willing to be officers on our PTSO. For some reason, we have had a difficult time finding parents who are willing to commit to this. I think it is so much uncertainty with the economy.

In my job, I must deal with everything that is happening. It is so hard to hear all of the sad stories that are happening right now......

So when I got home tonight about 8:15, Cameron and Kerri were in the pool. Pancho, with is obsession with balls, was running around the pool with his yelping bark in hopes that they would throw a ball for him to fetch. You can hear him for blocks!! Cameron yelled at me to go out and see my little Lucy who had gotten on the little surfboard and was riding around the pool without a care in the world, providing some laughter in a yucky week!

What would we do without the joy that our pets bring to us? I know my life would not be the same!! They bring such unconditional joy and love to us each and every day. I can tell you that "I LOVE LUCY!"

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Julie said...

This post made me smile. I love coming home to Abby and Chloe. Abby is always laying at the door on her back waiting for a belly rub. Just waiting for me to come home. I have often thought about how you told me when I first got them about the joy of having pets. How much I would enjoy it. You were right! :)