Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rambunctious Rabbit Relishes Role as Rebel or Bunny Suspended for Disrupting Testing

Earl, the fourth grade bunny, was suspended from school this week. He was sent home from school on Monday for being disruptive while the children were trying to take their AIMS tests. Earl did not realize the importance of this test and was unable to refrain from making noise during the test. Earl continually tries to draw attention to himself which is absolutely not acceptable when it comes to high stakes testing in schools. Even if he is the class bunny, this is behavior that will not be tolerated!! Obviously, Earl needs to be tutored on test-taking strategies.

On another testing note, one of our wonderful teachers told the story of her second grade daughter getting dressed for school this week. As they were picking out her shirt to wear, her daughter was very concerned that the t-shirt had words written on it and didn't think she should wear it during testing!!! Classrooms have to cover the alphabet and any posters or word walls during testing week and this little one was worried because her t-shirt had writing on it!!

Although both of these stories are humorous, they are also sad in a way. I think testing has caused us to lose our perspective as to what is important!!

Albert Einstein said, "Not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that can be counted counts." Something to think about......

A P.S. to this post: Then to top it all off, my wonderful administrative assistant didn't have time to check a PTSO flyer that was put in all of the teachers' boxes. The flyer was advertising the jog-a-thon that will be held next week. The flyer says, and I quote, "Your student should ASS everyone they know to sponsor them for every lap they jog." Fortunately, one of the students noticed it and we were able to get them all collected before they went home. WHEW!!!!!!!!!

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barb said...

Sheila, you are the best boss ever....what a week for you! You continue to inspire the rest of us to do our best and handle situations with compassion and humor.......from your not so wonderful at times secretary :)

velvet brick said...

LOL!!! Oh lord.... what a snapshot of life in an elementary school in our humble little town! Poor Earl...maybe he should visit the RC and nibble up a plan! I liked the quote - it IS something to think about...cute little B thinking about her shirt. As for the flyer, well.... at least our students can READ since one of them found the mistake!!! That should prove right there that we are an EXCELLING school!! : ))

And I agree with your administrative assistant.... wholeheartedly!


Anonymous said...

We must remember to keep on laughing AND dancing!!!!
Love & hugs,

Susie of Arabia said...

Too funny! Love all 3 of the stories.