Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jay!

Last December when Teresa told me that she was going to call all of her brothers' and sisters' chiidren on their birthdays, I told her that I would do a post on each one of them. If you have followed my blog, you have know that Teresa has made sure that I have done this.

With our family being as close as we are, I would love to write something about everyone one of our wonderful cousins. And possibly over the years, I will make this goal. I haven't written about any of the in-laws (or out-laws), other than Joan who was my first post. I wrote about Joan because of how much what she did for our John meant.

However, today I am going to make an exception and I want to say a special birthday to Jay Henderson, Cecilia's wonderful husband and the father of Monica, David, Mark, Annie, Katie, and Matthew. I feel as though Jay is like my brother-in-law. You see, Jay is always there for all of us Through the years, I have asked Jay to help me many times with different situations. Jay is one of the "salt of the earth" people who doesn't have a lot to say, but can always be counted on no matter what!

Jay is so supportive of our family in every way. He is a wonderful husband, father, father-in-law, grandpa, uncle, nephew, cousin and friend. His unconditional love and support is always something to be counted on. And he is fun!!!

Cecilia is so fortunate to have such a great man as Jay. And our family is fortunate to have Jay for so many reasons.

I know that Yaya and Pat in particular will totally agree with me on this. Jay is a great human being and I thank him for all of the great times we have had. He is a quiet and gentle man, who puts family first and loves our Cecilia so much.

So happy birthday, Jay!! I love having you in my life!! You are the best!!! Let's celebrate!!! (I think we will at the "old fogies" dinner at Yaya's Saturday.)

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Uncle "unkie" (haha!) Jay!!! You are a terrific guy!!! Great post Sheila! Love, Maggie

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jay!!

Hope you have a good one. From your cousins in San Francisco.

Love you, Lena, Mike, Chris and Sam

Anonymous said...

Jay is great as Sheila said. It's great having him as a brother-in-law but he doesn't mind being the driver when we've gone on trips for family functions. Best of all he likes to see the sights of the city or place we happen to be visiting!

Happy Birthday Jay!


Kerri and Cameron said...
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Kerri and Cameron said...

Happy belated birthday, Jay! I feel so fortunate that I've been able to get to know you as an adult, you really have helped guide me in ways that I don't know you're aware of. Our entire family is blessed to have you as part of us all, you offer your wisdom and insight very quietly,but we all hear it. Thank you so much for all you do.