Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Longtime Friendship That Means So Much!

Last week I sent a birthday email to my dear friend, Susan, as I do each year. Susan and I have been friends for more than 40 years since high school in Douglas.

We were roommates at ASU and right after we graduated. Susan is a wonderful friend. She may not remember this, but she did something for me many years ago that I will never, ever forget.

Right after I graduated from ASU, my mom was critically ill and was in the hospital in Tucson. One of my cousins was getting married here in the valley and so everyone was here for her wedding. The weekend of the wedding, my mom took a turn for the worse and I felt that I needed to be in Tucson. Susan had just met a guy named Brian who was stationed with the Marines in Yuma. He was coming up to Tempe for the weekend and it was to be their first date. I think Susan had a special feeling about him. However, she postponed that first date until the following week so that she could go with me to Tucson so that I wouldn't be going down there by myself. It meant so much to me then and truly has been an act of kindness and friendship that I have never forgotten. And that good feeling about Brian was right as they have been married for many years now.

For many years, Susan and her husband, Brian, lived in Texas. We saw each other sometimes at Christmas when we were all in Douglas visiting our families. Susan's son and Patrick are the same age and had fun together when they were little.

When my mom died in 2002, Susan came for the funeral. The next summer, Cameron, Kerri, and I drove to Texas for Elliot's wedding. We had a great time visiting with Susan's family. I hadn't seen her mom in many years as she has moved to Texas also. Susan's mom died shortly after and we talked on the phone that day. We haven't been able to get together since because Susan travels a lot in her job and mine requires so much time. We have kept in touch through email.

Susan and Brian have two beautiful grandsons, Matthew and Cody. I know how crazy she is about them!!

To my surprise, I got an email on Friday from Susan telling me that she and Brian have moved to Douglas. Brian is going to be working at the hospital in Douglas. Susan's father is a medical doctor and has been very dedicated to the hospital. Needless to say, I am absolutely thrilled as this means that we will get to see each other much more often!!

So, Susie, I can't believe that we have gotten this old. You said that you didn't feel 60 other than being tired from the last month of working and moving. I agree as I don't feel that old either!! I am so happy that you are closer and that we will be able to get together more often. You are a wonderful friend and I love you!

Eleanor Roosevelt said, "Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart." As I said you probably don't even remember what you did that weekend over 37 years ago, but it meant so much to me then. Thank you for being such a great friend for so many years!

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Just Joni said...

What a sweet friend you have there and it's so nice that you will be close enough to visit more often...friends really are the treasures in life.

N-Search of Peace said...

One of the amazing things that we can learn on this journey of interaction with our fellowman is that, life is a constant circle dear friend...
Even while Susan and you were apart, the circle you both began those years passed, was still being created in just a larger radius...
I am so glad and it brings a smile across my face, when I hear that a circle that was ever so wide, has now come back to the size that includes Susan closer to you...
Create more memories is really good isn't it?

Susie of Arabia said...

OMG!!! I recognized Susan immediately even though I haven't seen her in over 40 years!!! Those dimples! Who could ever forget them? You are so right - she was always one of the sweetest people.
That is so cool that she has moved back to Douglas. And where is her sister Mary? Wow! It's been so long. Thanks for doing this post and catching me up on her life. Please tell Susan hello from me and give her my best.

Martha said...

How lucky you are Sheila to have such a wonderful friend! I love the Eleanor Roosevelt quote! I would have never believed the people who would be leaving footprints on my heart before I was diagnosed. You have surely been one! There are so many people willing to be our friend. We just have to open our heart to them! That is a huge lesson I have learned.

I also love your new blog background!