Friday, May 15, 2009

Great News About My Favorite Place on Earth!

I have written previous posts about our cabin in the Chiricahua Mountains in southeastern Arizona. Our family, along with two other close family friends, bought this cabin in December of 1960 when I was in sixth grade. It is on the eastern slope of the Chiricahua Mountains near a very small place called Portal. It is about 60 miles from Douglas. In order to get there, you must go into New Mexico by a very small town called Rodeo and then back into Arizona. It is very remote and very beautiful!!

Because it is so close to Douglas, our families would go up to the cabin almost every Sunday after church. We have a guest book going back to 1960 and it is amazing to read. It holds such incredible memories.

As I got older, I always loved to go to the cabin and spend a few days whenever I could. When my kids were little and we spent summers in Douglas, we spent a lot of time at the cabin. We still go every chance we get as everyone loves the cabin. Our cousins from all over love to go up there,too.

The area is called Cave Creek and our cabin is in south fork. There is only one other cabin in this part of the canyon and a picnic area about a mile down. No camping is allowed at the picnic area. There are many unusual birds and insects in this area which draw people from all over the world. However, it is still out of the way and not many people know about it.

This cabin is truly a cabin. We haul water from the creek and boil it on the stove for warm water to do dishes and wash our faces and hands. We have a small shed with a generator for electricity. We also have an outhouse. Yet, it is the most comfortable place you could ever want to be. The beauty and serenity can not be matched anywhere that I have ever been. There is no television, no radio, no telephone service--just the natural beauty of this part of Arizona. You can truly relax there.

Our cabin is on forest service land and through the years we have had to deal with times when we were afraid that the government would take back our lease. Several years ago, we found out that we had the cabin for sure until 2008. As a result, we didn't do much to fix the cabin up as we didn't know what was going to happen.

Teresa keeps very informed and does whatever is required by the Forest Service at any time. She has gotten several letters in the last several months about an inspection that was coming up. So last Wednesday, she got a ride up to the cabin and waited for the ranger to come by to tell us what was needed and whether or not the lease would be extended.

Wednesday night she called with the incredible news that we get a 20 year lease!!! There are some things that we have to do as far as improvements are concerned, but this is such great news!!!!!

I was worried about what might happen to our cabin and couldn't imagine what it would be like to not be able to go there anymore. I look so forward to my time spent in this most beautiful place and I am so thankful that we can have it for at least the next 20 years....that should be enough for me!!!

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Anonymous said...

WooHoo ~ that IS wonderful news . . . finally something good is happening :) You'd probably like to be there right this minute.
Love & hugs,

velvet brick said...

This is awesome news!! : )) I know how wonderful a secluded cabin in the woods is.... it's unlike anything else, isn't it?? Congrats for the new 'lease on life'! : ))

Susie of Arabia said...

That's great news, Cheela. There's nothing like the peace and quiet of the Chiricahuas...