Saturday, May 23, 2009

Yes, We Have No CARDONNAY!

Yes, you read the title correctly!! I LOVE MY COUSINS!! Tonight Yaya had an "old fogies" dinner at her house. Pat was talking about wine and she actually called Chardonnay CARDonnay! After the laughs, I realized that it would be the perfect title for this post!! You can tell that Pat isn't much of a wine aficionado.

Our generation tries to get together every few months to reminisce, laugh, discuss politics, tell stories, etc. This was the first time that we have done this since Phil died in January. I was so glad that Yaya planned this evening as we all needed it. Yaya, Pat, Cecilia, Jay, and Yaya's dear friends, Barbara and John, and I enjoyed a wonderful evening. We even had a "maitre d" who set the table, poured the wine, and did the dishes. And we actually allowed Matt to eat with us..... He told Yaya earlier that he didn't understand what we talk about half the time and she reminded him that she has to listen to his friends and him when they sit around talking...

Tonight we discussed politics. Fortunately, we are all in agreement on this subject.... We did talk about the sorry state that our education system is in right now. It was depressing and we did try to keep away from anything too depressing.

It is always so relaxing for me to get together with my wonderful cousins. I have said this before, they are really my sisters and I love them very much!! Tonight was a much needed respite for me from the last several weeks of school.

I hope we can get together more often like this. I love to have all of the younger generation and all of the kids, but we don't really get to visit like we do at "The Old Fogies Nights!"

Thanks for tonight, Yaya, I needed it so much and I always love our time together! It is such a blessing to truly enjoy being around the family!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got to be with those wonderful cousins of yours! I LOVE the CARDonnay story . . . we have one with MerLOT (like the way you usually say lot)with a long time friend that is not any kind of drink afficionado. Those are the fun memories I love too. Have a wonderful summer Sheila!
Love & hugs,

Anonymous said...

Sheila, you are wonderful! It was a great evening at Yaya's. What would we do without you to chronicle everything. Would still like to know the name of the California wine I'd had at a retirement party a few weeks before. It was not "CARDonnay" but nice.

Love you Sheila,