Saturday, May 30, 2009

Schmooze with Suz!!

My dear friend, Susie of Arabia, is coming to Arizona this summer! I know many of you have become "blogger friends" with Susie through my blog. She has also made some other blogger friends who happen to live in the valley, plus some old friends from Douglas. So I am having a party for everyone who would like to meet and visit with her. Please mark your calendars for Friday, June 26, at 6:30. Please send me an email ( if you are planning to be here and I will give you more information.

Susie has become a world-wide celebrity because of her blog. She moved to Saudi Arabia about two years ago because her husband is originally from there. Susie is from my home town, Douglas, and I have known her for many years. Her blog has won awards and is amazing!!! Right now, it is banned in Saudi Arabia!!!

So if you haven't read her blog, there is a link to it on mine. Get to know her and join us on June 26!! I will be doing another post when the time gets closer!!

I am so excited to host this event at my house and to see and visit with Susie!!!

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N-Search of Peace said...

I am so eager and excited to just be in Susie's presence!...I find her to be so brave, true of heart, and an amazing spirit!...I will most likely just stare at her and just let her, her life, and her convictions to life, wash over me.
I am just so excited to be apart of this!...thank you sweetie for asking me to share in this celebration!
Love and joy in my heart!