Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Birthday, Tommy!

Happy Birthday to my east coast cousin, Tommy! Tommy is the youngest child and only son of my Aunt Mary and Uncle Tom, who was my mom's brother. Tommy and his wonderful wife, Michele, have two great daughters, Teresa and Hannah. They live in Virginia where Tommy is an engineer for the federal government.

Tommy and has family have visited us in Arizona several times. This past summer, Tommy was the "mastermind" for the family reunion that we attended at The Farm in Virginia. Having been involved in several family reunions myself, I truly know how much work there is to put one on. And Tommy put on quite a party!!! We had a wonderful time and hope to attend more in the future. Cameron had such a great experience at The Farm and has talked about it a lot since we have returned.

I shared a story this past summer that Tommy and his sisters had not heard before. My mom and their dad were fairly close in age with Tom being about 2 1/2 years older. Their dad was one of the nicest gentlemen that you could ever want to meet. For those of you who knew my mom, she was a "spitfire" to say the least. Well one day when they were in grade school at Loretto in Douglas, my mom got word that there was a boy beating up her brother, Tom, on the boys' playground. In those days, there was a boys' side and a girls' side. (and when I went, too. Can you imagine?) So needless to say, Margaret went running over to the boys' side to take care of Tom. She proceeded to take down the boy who was beating up her brother!! The nuns had to call their dad as well as the parents of the other boy. The next day the family of the boy that Margaret had "beat up" showed up at school to find out what had happened to their son. Sister brought Margaret in to show them the small, short girl who had gone to the aid of her brother!! Come to find out, this happened because the other boy was jealous that the Scotts were having another baby--my Uncle Bill. So this probably happened around 1925 when my mom was eight and Tom was 10! I love this story!!!

So, Tommy, hope your birthday is wonderful! Hope that we can get together again in the near future for some fun!! Happy birthday, cuz!!! Thanks for the great time in July at the Farm!!!

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NP said...

OK, first of all . . . I LOVE the song you put with this post. I remember you telling this story before and it still cracks me up AND, just so you know, when I was in grade school, we ALSO had a girls side and boys side. I had forgotten all about it. Totally funny isn't it?
Love & hugs,

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tommy. I remember when you were born 44 years ago. Think I was the first one to babysit you, other maybe than your sisters, when your Mom & Dad went to the races for their anniversary that year which is in early November. It's been fun watching you grow up and become such a pride and joy of the family. Isn't it great having a first cousin with a daughter a month older than you!!! Love you Tommy, you have a beautiful wife and family.