Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Memorable Anniversary

Today I went to Tucson for the 60th Wedding Anniversary Party for a couple who had a large part in my life growing up in Douglas. Judy, Teresa, Kayla and I went to honor George and Peggy Brady who were married on September 30, 1949. Judy, Teresa and Kayla were heading down to Douglas after the party and I came home.

Driving back by myself, I had much time to reflect and remember those wonderful years growing up in Douglas, Arizona. I have so many, many wonderful memories and so many people who meant so much to me in my formative years. There aren't very many of them around anymore, so going down for this celebration had a special meaning.

When I think back to those years, there were many people that were family friends and I absolutely value those relationships in so many ways. Two families, the Hubers and the Bradys, were constants in my life as a child.

In 1960, the Hubers, the Bradys, and our family decided to buy a cabin together. That was the only way that everyone could afford it. I remember going up to the different areas in the Chiricahuas looking at different property. On Christmas Eve of that year, George was reading the newspaper and there was a cabin for sale in South Fork which is in Cave Creek on the eastern slope of the Chiricahuas. This cabin turned out to be the one that we bought. I have written much about this most beautiful spot on earth!

I was in 6th grade that year, and the oldest of all of the kids. The Hubers had six children: Kathy, Patty, Christy, Marian, Cecilia, and Joe. The Bradys had five: Margaret, Mike, John, Steve, and Mary Pat. And then there was Judy and I.

It seemed that almost every Sunday after church, we would all pack up and go to the cabin for the day. We all had whistles that we had to wear just in case anything happened. I remember getting to the cabin and then taking off to climb the mountain and explore the big rocks, often finding small caves to hide in. Or in the warm weather spending the entire day at the creek. I don't ever remember having a fight with any of the kids--kind of hard to imagine with that many. There was just too much to do!!

Through the years when my kids and I spent our summers in Douglas, we would often spend time at the cabin. Peggy and George were up there many times when we were there. George always had a joke to tell and a little hard time to give!!

Today all of their children and families were there to honor this couple. Two of the Hubers were also there, Christy and Marian and her husband.

We talked about the cabin and what needs to be done in order to keep it. We have to make some improvements so John, Christy, and I will be getting together soon to decide what and how to do it. Even though I don't see them very often, I know that we will maintain this incredible relationship so that we can keep the cabin.

The cabin is my favorite place on earth. It has been there through all of the stages of my life. Although I don't get there as often as I would like, I can't imagine not having the opportunity to go there. It is someplace that one can truly get away from the rat race that life can be--no television, no radio, no cell phones.........HEAVEN on Earth!!

As I said, I had much time to think on the drive back from Tucson. I would like to thank George and Peggy for being a big part of my life for so many years. I am so glad to have been there today. I know that they can't read this, but Paul and Dorothy Huber were also very much a part of my childhood and I thank them, too. These two wonderful families mean so much to me and I would like to say "THANK YOU" to them!

I feel very blessed to have these wonderful childhood memories!!

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velvet brick said...

How wonderful to see pictures from just a few hours ago!! Your family has such a rich past with so many wonderful people interwoven through it.

I loved your paragraph about loving your cabin and it being your favorite place on earth. I can honestly say I know just how you feel....

I'm so glad you made the trip safe and sound....pack your bag and head up north early Wednesday....
: ))

Anonymous said...

What a touching tribute to very special people and a very special,cozy cabin that brings peace away from the norm. Have a relaxing and enjoyable break. We're in Branson checkin out the MUSIC!!
Annie Oakely!

Anonymous said...

I loved reading another fun family story! Happy Fall Break!!!
Love & hugs,

Martha said...

Sheila, I love reading the stories of your growing up and the family ties and experiences that have made you the person you are. Like you, Joe and I haven't been able to get up to our cabin as often as we'd like, but know with time, that should get better. It is amazing how time spent out close to nature with the people you love refreshes your soul. I hope we get to do it together sometime.

Anonymous said...


What a great tribute to George & Peggy. I have many fond memories of summers spent in Douglas and your mom and Teresa taking Yaya & I with them anytime they went out. Many times with Peggy and Dorothy. Of course, somewhere in that time George came into the picture. George always had a joke or something to tease us about. The cabin is a very peaceful and beautiful setting.