Friday, October 23, 2009

Have a Happy Birthday, Judy!

Today is the birthday of my cousin, Judy Scott Feldman. Judy is the daughter of my mom's brother, Tom and his wife, Mary. Judy and her wonderful husband, Neil, live in Maryland close to Washington D. C. where Judy grew up. Their daughter, Anna, attends the University of Southern California in L.A.

Over the years, Judy and Neil have spent a lot of time in Arizona. For a period of time, they lived in Texas, making it much easier to get here to visit. I know how much my mom and Teresa looked forward to their visits. I have always loved being around them and talking to them about politics. Both Judy and Neil have wonderful insights and opinions on current political issues!

Judy has a Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees in art history from Penn State and a doctorate in art history from the University of Texas. She has taught art history at the university level. Because of her love for art and history and Washington D.C., Judy is currently the chairman and president of The National Coalition to Save Our Mall. She is leading an effort to raise national consciousness of the Washington Mall's shabby condition, poor management, and inadequate Congressional oversight.

Judy has appeared on numerous national news programs in her efforts with this organization. Preserving the National Mall is her passion and her full time job!! I know our family is very proud of her. Judy, I truly admire what you are doing!!

We had a wonderful visit this past summer when we went back east for the reunion. Kerri, Cameron, and I spent one night at Judy's when we were sightseeing in Washington D.C.

We are hoping that Anna will come to Arizona and go with us to the USC vs. ASU football game in November.

Have a wonderful birthday, Judy. Hope to see you soon!!

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