Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hope You Have a Wonderful Birthday, Lisa!

October 8th is our cousin, Lisa's birthday. This is a very special day because it is her birthday, but it is even more significant to me in that October 8th was also my mom's birthday!!

Lisa is the youngest daughter of my Aunt Mary and Uncle Tom, my mom's brother. Lisa is enough younger than me that I didn't really know her growing up because they lived back east in Washington D.C. Her two sisters were closer to my age. Lisa and her two sons, Jeremy and Ben, came to family reunions in Arizona. Lisa was here two years ago for Teresa's 85th. It wasn't until this summer when we went to Virginia that we really had a chance to just visit. And I can tell you that I truly enjoyed getting our visit. I just wish that we lived closer!!

Lisa lives in a small town in New Hampshire. She has a very old house that she is refinishing. Last summer, our cousin, Pat, and Kayla went back to New Hampshire with her from Virginia. I asked Kayla to tell me something about Lisa, and she said that Lisa loves to garden and has a wonderful one at her house. Kayla said that she had such a good time in New Hampshire.

Pat told me tonight that Lisa has done an incredible job with redoing her home. She said that Lisa has such an incredible work ethic, whether it has to do with her career or remodeling her home.

I love Lisa's sense of humor and her easygoing way! I am so glad that we had the opportunity to be at "The Farm" in July!! I hope that we will be able to get together in the very near future!! Happy Birthday, Lisa!! You share this day with a very special lady!!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Lisa, I hope it is a great one. My sister, Pat, told me what a wonderful time she had with you in New Hampshire. You are the hostess with the mostest! Have a super day!
Love, your cousin,

Anonymous said...

Actually, I told Sheila that Lisa is a real "work horse." Friday morning when Kayla and I were in New Hampshire I woke up to someone doing the lawn. There was Lisa looking like someone from outer space with googles, might of even had a helmet on, wearing one of those back supports and manuevering this two handled weedwacker around her yard and garden. After that she got on her riding lawn mower and finished the job. This was all done by 9:00 in the morning. Then she took us to some beautiful sights in the area. Kayla and I had a wonderful time in New Hampshire. I could see why Lisa loves it so much. Happy Birthday Lisa.