Monday, May 7, 2018

Chuck's Toast

I will be posting a lot more about all of the events over the last week when I have a few minutes.

One of the highlights of the weekend was having Chuck and Maura Uggetti stay with us.   Chuck is Dave's cousin and was the best man.  I absolutely love both of them and they are now FAMILY!

We had planned to do a toast, but somehow it didn't happen.  Chuck was going to say the following and I wanted to make sure we have it written somewhere because the words are awesome!

From Chuck:

For those of you that I have not had the pleasure of meeting, I am Dave's cousin, Chuck. I am honored to stand up for Dave, officially welcome Sheila into our family and offer this fine couple a toast to celebrate this special occasion.  

Many of you have just recently met Dave so I am here to vouch for his character.  Among the attributes that Dave shares with Sheila: he is a solid, loyal, and generous friend.  He has a wonderful sense of humor and can laugh at himself.  Of course he is Catholic and a Democrat which probably got him to first base.  He is also a lifelong educator and enjoys sports but he does take a back seat to  you, Sheila, when it comes to cussing and voicing his opinion. 

(Just kidding, although we have only known you for a short time, we feel like we have been friends forever.) 

We have witnessed firsthand Sheila and Dave's love and commitment to each other.  Kerri,Patrick and Cameron, along with all of Sheila's extended family and friends, we thank you for your hospitality and gracious welcoming of us.

We invite you to raise your glass in honor of Dave and Sheila:  May the loving and generous spirit that they possess continue along this journey we call life and bring them happiness and comfort throughout these years that they have pledged to share together.

An Italian Blessing:

May your life be like good wine
Tasty, sharp and clear
And like good wine...
May it improve with every passing year.

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