Thursday, May 10, 2018

Remembering our Parents

We asked Judy to say a few words about Dave's parents, my mom, Teresa and Johnny.  Here is what she said:

Today the start of a new chapter is being written to continue the stories  that started with those we are not with us but we are remembering and honoring.  Today,  Sheila and Dave will begin a new chapter.  The circle of life and memories will live on just as those we love are never really gone as long as their stories are told.

On behalf of Sheila and Dave, there are a few people who need to be remembered. We wouldn’t be here today without the incredible influence of  Sheila’s mom, Margaret Shannon and my mom,  her Aunt Teresa Scott and our  Uncle Johnny Scott and Dave’s parents, Pete and Dorothy Uggetti.  Although they are not with us physically today, they are with us in spirit.   I would like to thank these loved ones for helping to bring us to this wonderful day.  The love that is shared here today is because of their influence.  This gift will always be remembered and cherished.

Sheila and Dave are so thankful to all of you for being here today.   Each one of you have been important in their lives and they look forward to many more years of friendship, love and support.  

Judy added a little to what she had to say and I loved it.  Here is the video.



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