Thursday, May 21, 2015

Forty--Teaching in Many Historical Buildings

The walk down "Memory Lane" continues.......  My second through sixth years of teaching were all in special education.   I taught at both Gilbert Elementary and Gilbert Junior High.  Even back then, we had a shortage of subs.  My schedule was a bit weird as I had some kiddos assigned to me all day from the elementary school and then some kids from the junior high that came to me for a certain period.  So there were days when I had to substitute and would have to take "my kids" with me to the class that I subbed in.   In addition, I must have moved classrooms 10 times in five years.  I taught in one of the cottages at Gilbert Elementary for a time.   Then I was in a back room in the library which is now Special Services at the District Office.    I spent a couple of years teaching in the Alamo, which is now the Gilbert Historical Museum.   I even had a classroom in this old, rickety building that had previously been the band room.   They didn't ever remove the different "floors" so I had kids above and below each other!    It was in the current District Office parking lot and that particular time we had a lot of rain.  I would literally be surrounded by water after it rained--kind of like a moat.   And then when it was windy and the door was opened, it would blow out the pilot light on the heater and we would have to evacuate.     What an experience that was!!!!  It has been fun remembering all of these things.  I have been sending myself emails to remind myself to write about certain experiences!!!   This has been great!!!

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