Saturday, May 30, 2015

Thirty One--My Kids' Teachers

I want to digress a little bit on this post and talk about some of the wonderful people I worked with at Patterson.  I don't want to forget anyone and after I am done with these 43 posts, I am going to go back and make sure I cover as many people as possible.   My kids both went to Patterson while I was teaching there.  Kerri went from kindergarten through sixth grades and Patrick went for kindergarten and first grades.

They were blessed with such wonderful elementary teachers who truly cared about them.   And the greatest part of this is that they were all dear friends of mine, too.

Kerri was fortunate to have Ellen Widmer, Dotty Hall, Betty Lehan, Mary Larson, and Nancy Roberts.   Ellen and Betty have both died.    Ellen was one of my absolute best friends and I miss her to this day!

Patrick had Nancy Proffitt and Jane Campbell.   He later had Judy Cocke, Ellen Widmer, Bill McClelland and Kim Dillon when he moved from Patterson to Houston and then sixth grade at Gilbert El. Sadly, Jane also has died.  Patrick also benefited from our wonderful PE teacher, Kathy Kemp, who taught him to jump rope and had a jump rope team.

So not only was I able to work with incredible people, I got to experience them as a parent, too.   That was truly a blessing!

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