Sunday, May 31, 2015

Thirty Days--Part 2

Yesterday I received this message from a teacher and dear friend.  I am posting it without some of the names, etc.   This message meant the world to me......

First of all.... Wow! There are so many of us loving your blog! It is such a good thing to remember all the positive things that happened in education when our kids were growing up. Thank you for bringing back the positive. It is inspiring to remember, as educators we made a difference, and at least for me, because of you, we had fun doing it. I truly was SO blessed to have you as my principal. You have made such a difference in so many lives Sheila. You always looked for the good in kids, you loved the sometimes unloveable, and yet when needed you could show "tough" love to those kids, and their families, when they needed it. As an administrator, you ALWAYS had our backs. There were times when we made mistakes, but you would address that appropriately, and stand up for us. Like kids there were times we needed that tough love as well.....remember when we had to apologize to the principal hosting a grade level meeting...oh gosh...who was it?...why am I so terrible with names?... for talking during the meeting? I had to take her flowers from our team. Eek you were not happy, but you didn't hold it against us...and none of us sat next to "blank" again 😇! 

You loved our personal kids, and I will NEVER forget how special and important you made them feel. My only regret is that "my other son"  didn't to experience that. I hope you know that I probably wouldn't have gone back to teaching, but did, because you gave me a chance. I'd been out of teaching for so long, I wasn't even sure I could still do it! But how I LOVED my students. They were really challenging!.....remember "student"? Everyday at lunch he ran away from my IA. Good thing she could keep up with him! 

You had such a great staff of kind caring people, from the support staff, to the certified staff, to everyone in the office...what an amazing group you amassed. I felt very lucky to be a part of it. So thank you again for bringing back the positive. Thank you for sharing your stories, and thank you for making a difference....because in the end "the important thing is you made a difference in lives of countless children" even if they were grown up children!! Love you Sheila! And the first halo tells you I STILL haven't figured out technology or what the hell I'm doing!!

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