Saturday, May 23, 2015

Thirty-Eight--DHS Graduation

Today I am going to go out of order in my countdown as last night was one of the greatest traditions that I have been able to participate in during my 43 years--DHS Graduation.  It is the custom here in Douglas for the Superintendent to bestow the diplomas on the students.  The graduation is held at the football stadium.  They walk across the stage, I shake their hands and give the diplomas and then we smile for an individual picture.    This is such an honor for me and it means so much.  My signature is also on their diplomas.

We had practice yesterday morning for the graduation ceremony.   One of the nicest things for me is that I have gotten to know many of these students in the past five years.   All of my previous experience has been mostly in elementary school, with those first years also in junior high.   I have absolutely loved getting to know and work with the high school kids and I would have never thought that before.   Plus the Douglas kids are amazing!!  They are so polite and respectful!

One of the traditions is for the faculty to wear gowns and their Master's hoods.  I think this is so great to do.   The Board Members also participate, but they wear suits or dresses.   I believe that it sends a great message for us to wear robes and hoods.

So I was able to give diplomas to almost 300 students.  What an honor it was and how special for me that it was my final "job" to do at the end of my wonderful career in public education.    So many of our students will go on to higher education or the military and will make us proud.  They are our future leaders and I have to say that the kids I know are going to make this world a better place.  What a great evening!!  I am so honored that I was able to participate in the graduation of the DHS Class of 2015!   And what truly touched me were the amount of hugs I got from the graduates!   ONCE A BULLDOG, ALWAYS A BULLDOG!!!!!    

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