Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thirty Three-Patterson Tales Continued

I have never been known for my musical or artistic abilities, but I have two stories to share about "art" from my days at Patterson.

The first one was that our PTSO sponsored an Art Show and each class was to display their art projects for this fair.  So I was trying to be very creative and figure out what to do since I didn't do a lot of art with my kids because of my "lack of ability" in that particular area.   Gilbert at that time had a lot of farming and so one of my parents offered to bring their tractor and trailer filled with hay bales.   The  parents helped display all of my kids art work on the hay bales and it looked great.    Our class received a special award for "Best Display of Art Work" and even got a trophy.   Did I take a lot of flack for that from the other teachers!!!  Of course, this was all in jest but they knew my limited art ability!

The next one is one of my most favorite stories.   I didn't like to do bulletin boards and my wonderful IA, Pat O., always did them for me.   Each month a teacher was assigned the big bulletin board in the office to decorate.  My month was January so I asked the teacher who had December to please leave the white paper up and the border.   Then I cut out the letters that said:  "FIND THE HIDDEN PICTURES IN THE BLIZZARD!"   That was it.  The best part is that our school secretary said parents would actually sit there and try to find pictures while they were waiting.  I also remember Leona (laughing) telling me that she thought I might only leave it up a couple of days, and not the whole month!!

Needless to say, I NEVER had to do another office bulletin board in all of the years that I was there!

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Nancy Proffitt said...

Your bulletin board story is a classic!!! I still tell it with lots of fond memories.