Sunday, May 24, 2015

Thirty-Seven Days--"The Dirty Daisies"

Still remembering my first years of teaching special education.   As I have said, I was at both Gilbert Elementary and Gilbert Junior during that time.   I had kids from fourth through eighth grades--sometimes self-contained some times just for reading or math.   I worked with some great people who became such good friends.   

The other day, Sue Dunning asked if I remembered the Dirty Daisies---Remember them, I was a "founding flower" of the Dirty Daisy Society!!   It was such a fun time!    One day, several of us heard that some of the male teachers belonged to a secret society called The Red, Red Rose.    It was supposedly a national association and they were not allowed to talk about it.   Well you can imagine how we took off with this information.

Dawn Hughes, Martha Wallace, Kay Benjamin and I decided to start Gilbert's answer to the Red, Red Rose Society, aka as the Dirty Daisies.  So the Dirty Daisy Society was started.  We had bylaws, a slogan and even a t-shirt.  Our slogan was "some seeds sow weeds!"    We expanded our membership and you had to be "voted" in to join.   I can tell you that any female teacher who wanted to be a Dirty Daisy could be one--we weren't that selective.

Later after I became an administrator, several of my admin buddies became "Dirty Daisies"--Connie, Nikki, Jill, Sherryl--just to name a few.  One of the funniest times was when we were at an administrators' picnic and our wonderful Supt, Wally, burned one of our t-shirts!!!

What great times we had during those years!!!  

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