Friday, May 22, 2015

Thirty-Nine Days--Late for School

So many memories..........I have been thinking about my six years of teaching special education at Gilbert Junior and Gilbert Elementary.    At that time, Gilbert was still very small.  Greenfield Elementary opened in 1972 and the growth at that time was slow.   Housing was sporadic with mostly farming.   I always drove east on Elliot Road and there was absolutely nothing out there during that time.  In the winter, there were lots of sheep brought down from northern Arizona and many times they would herd them down Elliot Road.   I remember being stuck in the middle of sheep sometimes.   It was quite exciting!!!!    One particular day, I was taking Kerri to her babysitter's and got stuck for quite a long time in the middle of the sheep.    I am always early and I HATE to be late so when I realized it was getting close to school starting, I became quite nervous.  Of course, there were no cell phones (or at that time--not even pay phones around) to be able to call and say why I was late.   When I finally got out of the middle of the sheep, I tried to drive quickly to leave Kerri and got stuck behind a train!!!   I was late for work that day and wasn't able to call in!    I know this is really hard to imagine now as Gilbert has had such tremendous growth!!

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