Saturday, July 18, 2015

A Meaningful Gift and the Gift of Words

Every year in May I receive several invitations to high school graduations from former students that I had at Gilbert El.   Over the past few years, I have also been invited to several graduation parties of students graduating from Douglas High School.   Getting those invitations means the world to me for many reasons and I consider it an honor.   I always get such sweet thank you notes from the students.   

Recently I found an invitation here at my house that somehow got put in a pile of things and it took me getting organized to find it.  I sent this young man a check and received a thank you note in the mail on Friday.   I am always touched by what the kids write to me and it truly makes me feel as though I have played a small part in their educational journey.  However, this particular note was really one that I will always cherish.  What this young man wrote and then ended with some humor was so incredible.   I took a picture of it to post on my blog.  Here it is:

I also sent a text to his dad about how much it meant to me.  He told me that he knew he had written it but didn't know what he wrote so I sent a picture of the note to him.     I asked him to let his son know how much it meant to me!!  

As I continue to unpack boxes and put things away, I came across a beautiful cup that was given to me by one of the DUSD district office classified staff the day that I met with her.  She is truly one of the nicest human beings that I have ever known.   As I have written before, being able to bring closure with each DO employee before I left was so incredible.  So today when I had my coffee, I used this beautiful cup and thought of her and the other wonderful people that I had the privilege of working with and getting to know over the past five years.   I intend to use this cup every day!  It is beautiful and means so much to me!

It is so nice to be able to write freely on my blog again and express my thoughts and feelings!

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