Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Last Meeting

Today I attended my last meeting of the Professional Practices Advisory Committee (PPAC) after serving on this committee since 2000--15 1/2 years!   I was appointed to this committee in 2000 by the Arizona State Board of Education to serve as the principal member.   I served until 2011 and then there was an opening on it for a superintendent so I was named the superintendent representative.   For the past five or so years, I have served as the chair.    

My term was up July 1, but I attended this meeting.   It has been an incredible experience and I have learned so much.   However, it has been a very difficult committee to serve on as we do all of the hearings for any certificated person who may have done something immoral or unprofessional.  After we hear the case, we then make a recommendation to the State Board as to whether or not that person can keep a certificate, etc.   

Over the course of the years I have been on the PPAC, I have seen many sad cases.  It seems that a lot of the cases have to do with substance abuse.    I have seen many people who have made mistakes and are trying to get on with their lives and I truly get that.   However, there have been difficult decisions to make.

It has been an honor for me to serve the children of the State of Arizona in this capacity over the years!  However, I am glad that I am finished with it.  As I said, it is difficult and sad and I want to be able to focus on other projects at this point.    I have seen all that is good and bad in our educational society and I know that I have done the very best that I could in making decisions and recommendations through the  years.   

So today was another ending of my wonderful career.  And the positive things that were said by the chief investigator from the State Board were wonderful!  I have met some amazing people through the years and I am very proud that I was able to be on this committee and to be the chair.   But I am also happy that today was my last meeting!!!

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