Saturday, July 25, 2015

Whine, Wine and Unwind

After doing my 43 years and 43 days posts on Facebook, I received this post from Debra Garza, the amazing art teacher at Gilbert El for many years:

Hi Sheila,
Ive so enjoyed following the journey of your career, especially the time spent at Gilbert El. I realized, reading the stories and everyones responses, that our community family was more than the children that attend the school, but also all the teachers and staff there too. So I went to Justin and asked if I could add a row of portrait tiles to the wall of you and all the staff that were there during your leadership. With your help, and encouragement, I'd like to get as many people as possible to paint a tile, and install them this year. Whacha think?

I responded immediately and we decided to have as many of the faculty and staff who worked with me through the  years do a special tile for Gilbert El.  I was so touched by the positive responses to this.

Last Thursday, I held the first installment of this tile project at my house.  I will host a few more so that we can get as many people together as possible.  It was such a good time and there were about 15 people there.  Several of those who came, want to come to the next one even if they have already made a tile.  I think everyone enjoyed seeing each other.  I had Teresa come and be a part of it as she really enjoys things like this.

Here are pictures of some of the tiles that were done that night!

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Nancy Proffitt said...

That is SO COOL Sheila ... and Debra!!!!! Can you PLEASE draw a tile for me Debra since I'm not there but mostly because I can't draw 😘. I wouldn't want to ruin your wall with my drawing Sheila.