Friday, July 3, 2015

Kenny Chesney

I like some country western music and always have.   Over the years, George Strait and Willie Nelson have been some of my absolute favorites.  I have been able to see George Strait once in concert and Willie three times.  And of course, my all time favorite is Jerry Jeff Walker, who I have seen probably three times.

When I started writing my blog, I was able to attach music to it.  I would "google" a song that would go with my post and then put it on.  For whatever reasons, that is not allowed anymore, which makes me sad.   But the good thing is that I found a number of songs by Kenny Chesney as I was writing and I have come to absolutely love him and his music.

He was in Phoenix in April, but it was the night before our Diamond Scholar Night so I wasn't able to get up to it.  My friends, Elise and Jessie, messaged me when we were in Curacao and let me know that he was going to be in Tucson at one of the casinos on July 2 and did I want to go.  I had turned them on to his music when we spent time at the cabin.

So yesterday I went to Tucson and met Elise and Jessie for the concert.  I was so excited to see Kenny!!!  We got to the casino early because we had seats in the grass and so had to find a place because there weren't seats!  What an experience we had!!  I am so glad that I got to hear Kenny.   However, I think Jessie, Elise, and I were the OLDEST people at the concert!!!   It was good, but not having assigned seats and sitting in the grass was a bit much for us "elderly" people!  The good thing was that I got a bunch of my steps in!!! And we say Jason and Patty (from Douglas).  And no matter what, it has been added to my good memories!!  However, I know in the future when I go to a concert, it will be with an assigned seat and probably indoors.   But it was still a bunch of fun.  

Elise and Jessie have been such incredible friends these past few years.  Elise and I have been friends for years as she lived across the street before we were even in school,but it has been so great to get to know Jessie and spend time with them.  I will forever be grateful for their friendship!!!!!

2 remarks:

Jessie and Elise said...

We had a great time with Sheila at the Ava seeing and listening to Kenny Chesney. If you don't know Sheila you should get to know her immediately. What a classy lady. I am sure that we were not the oldest concert goers there because the lady that was standing next to me with the below the butt hair had to be at least close to a 3 digit number. Yet she was getting her groove on and I thought that was great. Thank you Sheila. Continue to be who you are.
Huge props
Jessie und Elise

Nancy Proffitt said...

That was great that you could go to Kenny's concert. I was cracking up about the "elderly" part and can totally relate ...especially since I've spent a wonderful week with a 3 year old and a 4 month old 😍. FYI ~ I would have gone to the Grand Ole Opery with you 😘